• How heavy is the Hyundai Tucson?
    Practical Caravan – How heavy is the Hyundai Tucson? - The Hyundai Tucson has a lot going for it as a tow car, but caravanners need to know how heavy a car is – and manufacturers must not underestimate this! (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    Every caravanner knows the importance of kerbweights and matching ratios when looking at tow cars for sale – if only car makers agreed, laments our Motty

  • What does Brexit mean for caravanners?
    Practical Caravan blog – What does Brexit mean for caravanners? - Read on for more about Brexit and the future of Continental caravan holidays (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    Will your caravan holidays be affected by the EU referendum vote? Sarah Wakely gets to grips with Brexit to separate the fact from the fiction

  • Driven: new Audi SQ7 and Q7 e-tron
    Practical Caravan – Driven: new Audi SQ7 and Q7 e-tron – 1 - We know what tow car might the standard Audi Q7 has – but with even more power? (© Audi/Practical Caravan)

    We know what a fabulous tow car the Audi Q7 is, but what if it gets even more power? David Motton puts the new SQ7 and Q7 e-tron through their paces

  • A wonderful Winchester
    Practical Caravan – A wonderful Winchester – 1 - The rear lounge of the Winchester vintage caravan is just as it would've been when new (© Andy Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

    If you love vintage caravans and classic cars, you'll adore this 1930s outfit! Andy Jenkinson meets the owners of this Winchester and its Alvis tow car

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Adria Altea 552DT Tamar

The Practical Caravan Adria Altea 552DT Tamar review – 1 - The six-berth Adria Altea 552DT Tamar has a 1420kg MTPLM and a 7.61m shipping length (© Alastair Clements/Practical Caravan)
3.5 stars


Bailey Unicorn Vigo

The Practical Caravan Bailey Unicorn Vigo review 1 - With an MTPLM of 1500kg, you'll need a good-sized tow car to pull the 2016 Bailey Unicorn Vigo (© Practical Caravan TV)
4.0 stars


Adria Adora 432DT Loire

Practical Caravan's 2016 Adria Adora 432DT Loire review - 1 - If you need a compact tourer for two, read our 2016 Adria Adora 432DT Loire review (© Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)
3.5 stars


Lunar Clubman ES

The Practical Caravan Lunar Clubman ES review 1 - The 2016 Lunar Clubman ES is a four-berth with an MTPLM of 1440kg (© Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


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