• Best big used estate cars for towing
    Practical Caravan blog – Best big used estate cars for towing – 1 - If you're looking for the best used cars for sale, wondering what to tow with, check out these five affordable wagons (© Simon Mortimer/Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    Practical Caravan's expert Motty picks five of the best used estate cars, to help you choose what tow car to buy if space is as important as great value

  • Leading by example
    Martin Roberts Practical Caravan January 2016 - Caravanners unite to give our pastime a good name! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

    Not everyone loves caravanning as much as we do, but Practical Caravan's Martin Roberts has an idea to help improve the profile of our favourite hobby

  • Škoda Superb 4x4 review
    The Practical Caravan Škoda Superb 4x4 review 1 - Its demure looks belie its brute power, and the Škoda Superb Hatch 2.0 TFSI 280PS 4x4 has plenty of that (© Škoda/Practical Caravan)

    Its four-wheel drive will make year-round touring a doddle and tick the 'sensible' box, but the 280PS Škoda Superb tugs at our Motty's heart strings, too

  • The Queen's birthday tribute tour
    Practical Caravan's Queen's birthday tour - AvonValleyRailway 1 - When you visit Queen Charlton, near Bath, you can enjoy steam train rides on The Avon Valley Railway (© AvonValleyRailway)

    To mark the Queen's 90th birthday try caravan holidays in places named after royalty – from Kent's Queenborough to Scotland's Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

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