• Confessions of a novice tow car driver
    Martin Roberts Practical Caravan July 2013 - When male pride is challenged, carnage is often the result, says Martin Roberts after a mishap on tour (© Martin Roberts/Practical Caravan)

    Join us back in July 2013, when Practical Caravan columnist and Homes under the Hammer star Martin Roberts came clean about a slight towing, ahem, incident

  • The most exciting big 4x4 tow cars of 2015
    The most exciting big 4x4 tow cars of 2015 blog opener - Practical Caravan's tow car expert Motty runs down the most anticipated new, big tugs of 2015 – and beyond (© Jen Owen/Practical Caravan)

    Check out some of 2015's most anticipated heavyweight tugs with our expert David Motton, perfect if you're considering what tow car to buy next

  • Touring on Jersey
    Touring Jersey 1 - We pitched at South Lytchett Manor Caravan and Camping Park the night before our 9.30am ferry to ensure we got there in good time (© Practical Caravan/Bryony Symes)

    Don't be afraid to visit the Channel Islands with your van, is the message from Practical Caravan's Bryony Symes, following her recent trip to Jersey

  • How do you fill yours?
    Practical Caravan's Mike Le Caplain on tour Easter 2015 1 - The Le Caplain clan decided to visit Kent at Easter and enjoyed the kind of weather you dream of for your caravan holidays (© Mike Le Caplain/Practical Caravan)

    After a week touring Kent, Practical Caravan's Test Editor Mike Le Caplain wants your tips – how do you fill your caravan’s toilet flush tank with water?

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