• That age-old dilemma
    Practical Caravan reviews the Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer 1.6i Turbo 1 - We towed a Venus 540/4 with this petrol powered Vauxhall Insignia – would it make a good tow car for your caravan holidays? (© Alastair Clements/Practical Caravan)

    Our Group editor has been mulling over a quandary we thought was a thing of the past among caravanners when deciding what tow car to buy: petrol or diesel?

  • Kia Sorento review
    The Practical Caravan Kia Sorento review 1 - We've had a first drive of the next generation Kia Sorento – read more in our blog (© Practical Caravan)

    The Kia Sorento is a frequent sight on campsites in the UK – Nigel Donnelly finds out if this trend is set to continue with the third generation model

  • How the Jeep recall affects you
    Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee models have been recalled - Jeep Grand Cherokees built between 01/01/92 and 27/10/98, and Jeep Cherokees built between 2002 and 2007 have been recalled – read our blog for full details (© Jeep/Practical Caravan)

    Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton explains why this Jeep recall means the end of the road for some tow cars – find out if you are affected

  • Top tips for your winter holidays
    Enjoy caravan holidays all year round with Practical Caravan - There's no reason why you shouldn't get out and about all year round – but a little extra planning on your winter caravan holidays is prudent (© Dan Wright/Practical Caravan)

    Enjoy caravan holidays all year round – read our tow car expert David Motton's latest blog to ensure you keep safe on the road when touring this winter

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