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Convert your towcar to 13-pin electrics

Created on 11th August 2011

ALL CARAVANS OF 2009 model year and after have 13-pin electrical plugs that will not connect to 12N and 12S car sockets. The solution is to remove the old sockets …

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Bought the wrong car? Don't panic…

Created on 28th January 2011

IF YOU FIND that the car you've bought isn't suitable to tow your caravan, don't despair. Here are some things you can do to put things right. The more pound …

Are you licensed to tow?

Created on 28th January 2011

BEFORE YOU START thinking about matching your car and caravan, first check what your driving licence entitles you to tow.

In practice, if you passed …

What you need to know before you buy a tow car

Created on 28th January 2011

Wondering what tow car to buy? Don't buy until you've read this definitive guide from the experts at Practical Caravan

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How to... Choose a tow car

Created on 28th January 2011

Make sure you buy the right tow car to ensure you can tow in safety and with confidence with Practical Caravan's top tips and independent advice

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Your essential guide to… Matching cars and caravans

Created on 23rd July 2010

There’s an art to getting the right towcar to match your caravan – or the other way round. Here’s how to do it.

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