Practical Caravan's DIY mechanic - Tap microswitch 1 - Nigel Hutson explains how to replace the tap microswitch in your caravan, step by step (© Practical Caravan/Simon Mortimer/Nigel Hutson)

How to replace a tap micoswitch in your caravan

Created on 8th December 2015

Practical Caravan's DIY mechanic Nigel Hutson explains how to replace your caravan tap's microswitch the easy way when it decides to stop working

The Practical Caravan water systems guide 1 - How to get the best from your caravan's water pipes and pumps (© Practical Caravan/John Wickersham)

Guide to caravan water pipes and pumps

Created on 5th August 2015

Our expert John Wickersham explains how caravan water pipes and pumps work – and gives his troubleshooting guide on how to fix them when they go wrong

Practical Caravan advice – Waste-water wisdom - Practical Caravan expert John Wickersham shares tips to help improve your van's drainage system (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Waste-water wisdom

Created on 29th May 2015

Practical Caravan's expert John Wickersham explains how the correct pipework can help your water drain away more quickly – and keep nasty niffs at bay

Dirty water from a caravan tap

Keeping your caravan water system safe

Created on 5th February 2013

HAVING WORKED IN caravan and motorhome manufacturing businesses for 33 years, I know how much attention is paid by both manufacturers and their suppliers to …

How to... Use a Truma Ultrastore water heater

Created on 11th August 2011

Find out how to get the best from your Truma Ultrastore water heater

Advice clinic: fitting a gauge to your on-board water tank

Created on 19th December 2010

READER FRANK LEIGHTON from Bristol has written in with a query about the on-board water tank on his Swift Challenger.

He would like to fit a 12V …

Advice clinic: do I need a pump to connect two Aquarolls?

Created on 17th December 2010

CARAVANNER R J GRANT from Stevenage would like to know if it's possible to daisy-chain two Aquaroll containers so that he won't run out of water at a vital …

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