Making tea in the boot of a car at Reading Festival 1975

Yesteryear's hi-tech gadgets

Created on 7th February 2013

IT'S A TOUGH world, having to mow the lawn, do the laundry, wash the dishes, and all while earning a …

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Facebook offers new members a long overdue guide to account privacy

Created on 9th November 2012

We’ve written about the need to properly configure security settings on a Facebook account many times, …

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Google Search gets sophisticated speech recognition on iPhone

Created on 7th November 2012

Google has updated the voice recognition feature in its Google Search app for iPhone and iPad.


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US teen builds his own timber caravan

Created on 6th November 2012

Full-scale renovation projects aren’t for the faint hearted, but what about building a caravan from scratch? …

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EE launches 4G mobile phone network in UK

Created on 5th November 2012

Super-fast ‘4G’ mobile broadband launched in the UK last week, but only with one network and in certain …

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What can you do with a 1GB smartphone data allowance?

Created on 2nd November 2012

It can be difficult to decide if the data limits that apply to most smartphone tariffs are viable on …

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Apple iPad Mini on sale from Friday

Created on 31st October 2012

As expected, Apple announced a new smaller iPad last week — the iPad Mini.

Although essentially …

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Catch a caravan restoration on Channel 4

Created on 30th October 2012

A new series started on Channel 4 last week that looks at how various people are making the most of small …

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Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD now available from

Created on 29th October 2012

The low-cost colour Kindles we wrote about last month are now available from


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Go inside Google with Google Maps

Created on 26th October 2012

If you’ve ever wondered what sort of computer systems Google uses to power its vast range array of online …

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