Practical Caravan – Driven: new Audi SQ7 and Q7 e-tron – 1 - We know what tow car might the standard Audi Q7 has – but with even more power? (© Audi/Practical Caravan)

Driven: new Audi SQ7 and Q7 e-tron

Created on 22nd July 2016

We know what a fabulous tow car the Audi Q7 is, but what if it gets even more power? David Motton puts the new SQ7 and Q7 e-tron through their paces

Practical Caravan – A wonderful Winchester – 1 - The rear lounge of the Winchester vintage caravan is just as it would've been when new (© Andy Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

A wonderful Winchester

Created on 19th July 2016

If you love vintage caravans and classic cars, you'll adore this 1930s outfit! Andy Jenkinson meets the owners of this Winchester and its Alvis tow car

Practical Caravan – Top top-down tow cars – 1 - The Range Rover Evoque tows well so the cabrio version could be a hit, too (© Land Rover/Practical Caravan)

Top top-down tow cars

Created on 18th July 2016

What tow car could be better on a hot day than a convertible? No, David Motton hasn't gone mad. New or used, a drop-top tow car can be a reality

Practical Caravan – Revealed: the UK's most dependable cars - When deciding what tow car to buy, dependability is key – read on! (© Phil Russell/Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

Revealed: the UK's most dependable cars

Created on 13th July 2016

Tow car favourites Škoda, Kia and Volkswagen all star as the results of 2016's JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Study are released, writes Lizzie Pope

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan April 2016 - What do you do to protect your much-loved home-from-home? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

How safe is your van?

Created on 11th July 2016

Enjoy a light-hearted blog on the serious subject of caravan security, brought to you by Practical Caravan columnist and TV presenter Martin Roberts

Practical Caravan blog – Updated: Jeep Grand Cherokee - The Grand Cherokee SRT Night (main image) and Grand Cherokee 75th Anniversary keep Jeep's big SUV range fresh (© Jeep/Practical Caravan)

Updated: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Created on 8th July 2016

Ever-lighter cars aren't always great for caravanners, so as Jeep refreshes the Grand Cherokee, our Motty celebrates this stalwart, heavyweight tow car

Practical Caravan – Knaus headlines Glastonbury – 1 - This home-from-home made even a gloopy Glastonbury field feel welcoming (© Paul Regan/Practical Caravan)

Knaus headlines Glastonbury

Created on 7th July 2016

Escaping to Glastonbury this year was made all the more memorable by the Knaus Sport & Fun and our long-term Ford Mondeo, a true festival-ready outfit

The Practical Caravan Audi A3 review 1 - Read our Audi A3 first drive because if you have a lightweight caravan, this could make a very comfortable tow car (© Audi/Practical Caravan)

Audi A3 review

Created on 1st July 2016

Blink-and-you-miss-them changes mean you may overlook the new Audi A3, but the cabin could be a wonderful place for long journeys on your caravan holidays

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan February 2016 - How do you feel about using communal washblocks on your caravan holidays? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Tales from the washblock

Created on 29th June 2016

Personal ablutions should be just that, says our columnist Martin Roberts, recoiling at the memory of some recent too-close-for-comfort on-site experiences

Practical Caravan's UK staycation with kids - 1 - 'Animals in Wonderland' is the theme of The Story Museum's Alice Day 2016 in Oxford (© Caroline Mills/Practical Caravan)

Fun-filled caravan holidays for children

Created on 24th June 2016

If you're planning family caravan holidays in Britain this summer, don't miss Caroline Mills' guide to exciting children's events and family attractions

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