The brand new Jaguar XE - Jaguar put its new baby, the XE, into the limelight at its London world premiere (© Jaguar)

Should we be XEcited?

Created on 10th September 2014

As Jaguar launches its brand new XE, Practical Caravan's Lizzie Pope heads to the world premiere to get the inside line on this stunning potential tow car

Practical Caravan on 2014's tax disc changes - Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton explains the implication of the new tax disc system so you don't get caught out (© David Motton/Practical Caravan)

How the new car tax disc changes will affect you

Created on 9th September 2014

With a raft of changes coming into force, Practical Caravan's Tow Car Editor David Motton looks at the new tax disc system and what it means for you

The Practical Caravan 2015 Kia Sorento preview - Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton is looking forward to testing the new generation Kia Sorento (© Kia)

Two top new tugs

Created on 3rd September 2014

Two popular tow cars are about to be replaced, the Kia Sorento and the Volvo XC90 – get the low-down on these new models from our expert David Motton

Practical Caravan reviews the Hyundai Santa Fe - If you're wondering what tow car to buy and you need something big, you could do a lot worse than the Hyundai Santa Fe (© Practical Caravan)

Big, cheap tow cars

Created on 26th August 2014

You don't have to splash the cash if you need a big tow car – Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton reveals his top four big bargains

The Practical Caravan Mercedes-Benz C-Class review - Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton has mixed feelings following time behind the wheel of Mercedes' brand new C-Class saloon (© Mercedes-Benz/Practical Caravan)

Mercedes-Benz C220 BlueTEC review

Created on 19th August 2014

After a week at the wheel, what does Practical Caravan's tow car guru David Motton make of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class – does it have tow car potential?

Audi vs Skoda - Practical Caravan's tow car guru puts a Skoda Superb against an Audi A6 (© David Motton/Practical Caravan)

Badge appeal

Created on 12th August 2014

Related yet in other ways poles apart, Practical Caravan's tow car expert David Motton is out to discover if badge snobbery is justified in the VW Group

The Practical Caravan Porsche Macan review - If you're considering what tow car to buy next, as strange as it might sound, if you can afford it, should a Porsche be on your short list? (© Porsche)

Porsche Macan S Diesel review

Created on 7th August 2014

Trying to put all prejudices aside, our tow car expert David Motton gets behind the wheel and assesses the towing capabilities of the new Porsche Macan

Practical Caravan tests the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV as a tow car - Our Nigel took a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV on tour with a 2014 Swift Lifestyle 2, to find out if hybrid cars can cut it as tow cars in the real world (© Nigel Donnelly/Practical Caravan)

Going on a hybrid holiday

Created on 29th July 2014

We venture out and do some real world towing with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, to see if this really is the future tow car for your caravan holidays

Practical Caravan's top tips for hassle free holidays - You want to enjoy your holidays, not end up frazzled, so take heed of our top tips and make this summer's caravan holidays the best ever (© Practical Caravan)

Top tips for happy holidays

Created on 25th July 2014

We want you to have the best caravan holidays, so here are our David Motton's top tips to ensure your drive to the campsite is safe and free from stress

New Bailey caravans launched for 2015 – Practical Caravan was there - Practical Caravan was on hand as Bailey took the covers off its new for 2015, third generation Unicorn range this week (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

This week on Practical Caravan – what have you missed?

Created on 18th July 2014

With many preparing to head off on their summer holidays, make sure you don't miss anything after what has been a busy week for Practical Caravan

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