Practical Caravan blog – Audi Q5 first drive – 1 - Prices for the new Audi Q5 range start from £37,240 – but what tow car potential does it have? (© Audi/Practical Caravan)

Audi Q5 first drive

Created on 23rd March 2017

Join us behind the wheel of the new Audi Q5, as Practical Caravan's David Motton assesses what tow car potential this premium SUV offers caravanners

Practical Caravan – Why you can trust our Top 100 Sites Guide 2017 - Here are some facts and figures from our Top 100 Sites Guide 2017 – get set for a great season! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Why you can trust our Top 100 Sites Guide 2017

Created on 21st March 2017

Get out there and make 2017 your best caravanning year yet! Arm yourself with Practical Caravan's Top 100 Sites Guide 2017 and you can't go far wrong

Practical Caravan blog – Tow Car Awards 2017 preview – 0 - Our annual mission to find out which tow cars are the best is coming soon! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Tow Car Awards 2017 preview

Created on 15th March 2017

The countdown is on to one of our most exciting Tow Car Awards yet! With so many new contenders, it's going to be a tough year –
here's a sneak pre …

The Practical Caravan Land Rover Discovery 5 review – 1 - Can the Discovery 5 take off where its formidable predecessor left off and conquer the Tow Car Awards? (© Land Rover/Practical Caravan)

Land Rover Discovery 5 first drive

Created on 11th March 2017

It's one of 2017's most hotly anticipated new tow cars, so can the new Land Rover Discovery 5 live up to the hype? Join us behind the wheel to find out

Practical Caravan – How to pass your B+E test – 1 - Many younger drivers will need to pass a test to get E entitlement on their driving licence – pre-test training means you'll be prepared for the test (© Practical Caravan)

How to pass your B+E test

Created on 10th March 2017

Don't be scared of taking your trailer test – Practical Caravan's Bryony Symes shows that with some training and practice, soon you'll be on your way!

Practical Caravan blog – Skoda Octavia review – 1 - Can a mid-life facelift revive the fortunes of the Škoda Octavia Estate? We get behind the wheel (© Škoda/Practical Caravan)

Škoda Octavia Estate first drive

Created on 9th March 2017

Caravanners have come to see Škoda as a brand that builds great tow cars – can the facelifted Octavia take the model back to its award-winning ways?

Practical Caravan blog – Martin Roberts March 2017 - Rose-tinted perhaps, but who doesn't want sun-filled caravan holidays for their children? (© Jenny Owen/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Will we get a great British summer?

Created on 8th March 2017

Proudly loyal to British caravan holidays, Martin Roberts wants to build his family's memories here in the UK – and a little sunshine wouldn't go amiss!

Practical Caravan – Go Big or Go Home with Elddis caravans – Supersized touring! - Pretty Loch Lomond was the first destination for our competition winners – read on to find out how they got on! (© Practical Caravan)

Supersized touring!

Created on 7th March 2017

Let's catch up with the lucky winners of our Elddis caravan giveaway on the first family holiday in 'their' Avanté 866 – is it all they hoped it would be?

Practical Caravan March 2017 – From techy shed to retro retreat – 1 - Faye Bates and Simon Shelton’s Ci Europa has been transformed from a hi-tech hideaway into a cosy, quirky home on wheels (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

From techy shed to retro retreat

Created on 2nd March 2017

Taking this vintage caravan back to its roots has meant a lot of untangling and redecorating for its owners, who are now able to enjoy its many charms

Practical Caravan blog – Martin Roberts December 2016 - It's a slight diversion from caravans, but is this a use for Martin's tractor? (© Jenny Owen/Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Is it a mid-life crisis?

Created on 24th February 2017

What's the weirdest tow car you've ever seen? The latest purchase by our Martin Roberts might just be it – and he's not sure why he bought it!

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