Me and my caravan – Martin Roberts – 1 - The second Roberts family caravan, this Lunar, provides excellent space for their party of two adults, two kids and two dogs (© Practical Caravan)

Let's get this show on the road!

Created on 17th April 2015

TV presenter and Practical Caravan columnist Martin Roberts shares his love of caravanning, and the adventures he's enjoyed on tour with his young family

Come to our 2015 Reader Rally! 1 - Come rain or shine, the Practical Caravan Reader Rally is all about having a wonderful time (© Practical Caravan)

The best of caravanning

Created on 17th April 2015

Practical Caravan's Reader Rally is a highlight of our year and, says Group Editor Alastair Clements, it sums up everything that's great about caravanning

Glammavanning – buying a new van 0 - Pitched at Salop's CS, Vicky prepares for her first night in her brand new Sprite Major 6 (© Glammavanning/Practical Caravan)

Friendly caravan buying tips

Created on 16th April 2015

Buying a caravan, whether new or used, can be a daunting process, but having just done exactly that, Glammavanner Vicky is here with some handy top tips

Me and my caravan – Catchpoles 1 - New life has been breathed into this 1948 Cheltenham by Sally and David Catchpole (© Practical Caravan)

An evergreen classic

Created on 16th April 2015

A chance find led to Sally and David Catchpole bringing new life to this 1948 Cheltenham – Bryony Symes finds out more about this lovely vintage caravan

Vote in Practical Caravan's 2016 Owner Satisfaction Survey - Help fellow caravanners buy better, by casting your vote and getting your voice heard (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Practical Caravan needs you!

Created on 15th April 2015

Tell us what you think about your tourer and your supplying dealer, to help buyers of new and used caravans shop smarter – our Group Editor explains why

Tow Car Awards 2015 preview  - Testing is under way for the 2015 Tow Car Awards, the results to be announced mid-June (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Tow Car Awards 2015 preview

Created on 14th April 2015

As testing for our Tow Car Awards gets going, our expert David Motton previews some of 2015's key contenders, but what tow car will come out on top?

Me and my caravan – Tracey and Pete Bull 1 - Six years on the road in their Airstream have given Tracey and Pete some breathtaking views to wake to (© Practical Caravan)

Living in an icon

Created on 14th April 2015

Taking the leap and full-timing in your caravan is not for the faint-hearted, but living in an Airstream suits restless adventurers Tracey and Pete Bull

The Practical Caravan SsangYong Tivoli review 1 - The all-new SsangYong Tivoli will be powered by a 1.6 petrol or a 1.6 diesel – prices start at £12,950 (© Stan Papior/Practical Caravan)

SsangYong Tivoli review

Created on 13th April 2015

In the UK in June, the new and very affordable SsangYong Tivoli will take on the likes of the Renault Captur and Nissan Juke – has it got what it takes?

2015 New York motor show blog 1 - As several big manufacturers chose New York for significant launches, we bring you the best bits (© Jen Owen/Practical Caravan)

Top tow cars at the New York show

Created on 9th April 2015

With many big brands showcasing their latest wares in the Big Apple, we see what tow cars are making a splash in our New York motor show round-up

Me and my caravan – Nicki Cuddy 1 - Owner Nicki aimed for a country-cottage feel when refurbishing her 1973 Thomson Mini Glen (© Andrew Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

Who’s a pretty Polly?

Created on 8th April 2015

Vintage caravans aren't just wonderful on tour, they can make great mobile businesses, as Andy Jenkinson discovered when he met this 1973 Thomson Mini Glen

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