Martin Roberts Practical Caravan November 2013 - We love our caravan holidays, but we all have our touring pet hates – what are yours? (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Holiday hang-ups

Created on 28th May 2015

TV star and Practical Caravan writer Martin Roberts loves his caravan holidays, but in his November 2013 column, it was time to let off some steam

The numbers game blog 1 - Experts recommend towing no more than 85% of your car's kerbweight, but is that figure easy to find? (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

The numbers game

Created on 26th May 2015

Doing the maths to find out what tow car is right for you isn't always as easy as it sounds, so Practical Caravan's expert David Motton is here to help

Me and my caravan – Paul Hemmings – 1 - As vintage caravans go, this is an imposing – and slow moving – outfit! (© Practical Caravan)

Military precision

Created on 19th May 2015

Any DIY caravan build is an ambitious project, so Bryony Symes talks to Paul Hemmings to find out what drove him to hand-build his own replica military van

Advice on the abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence from Practical Caravan - The days of the paper counterpart driving licence are numbered for UK motorists (© DVLA)

Driving licence changes – get the knowledge

Created on 18th May 2015

The abolition of the paper counterpart driving licence is nigh – find out what is changing, if it affects you and how the new system will work

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan September 2013 - Caravan accessories can make or break a tour – we'd love to hear your favourites (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Caravan)

Accessorising your tour

Created on 18th May 2015

Back in September 2013, TV's Martin Roberts was wowed by weird and wonderful caravan accessories – what are the most fun, useful or ingenious you've seen?

What tow car to buy, prestige or not? Opener - Does badge appeal matter to you when wondering what tow car to buy? (© Jen Owen/Practical Caravan)

Is a premium badge worth it?

Created on 13th May 2015

Mainstream marques are making gains on the established prestige brands but, considers David Motton, does badge matter when choosing what tow car to buy?

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan August 2013 - Some caravanners have mastered the art of perfect pitching in the most difficult of circumstances – for others, luck plays a major part (© Martin Roberts/Practical Caravan)

Extreme caravanning

Created on 11th May 2015

Whether you're a pitching pro or you rely on a bit of luck, we're sure every caravanner can relate to Martin Roberts' column from our August 2013 magazine

Practical Caravan Community Spirit blog  - Help fellow caravanners get the most from their holidays, says our Test Editor Mike Le Caplain (© Mike Le Caplain/Practical Caravan)

Community spirit

Created on 8th May 2015

Extend the hand of friendship on your caravan holidays, says our Mike Le Caplain, after gaining a new perspective on a particular type of caravanner

The most exciting small tow cars of 2015 blog 1 - If you're looking for a small tow car to complete your lightweight outfit, Practical Caravan's expert Motty can help (© Jen Owen/Mazda/Fiat/Practical Caravan)

The most exciting small tow cars of 2015

Created on 6th May 2015

Small can be mighty and if you're wondering what tow car is best for your lightweight caravan, our expert Motty previews some of 2015's newest offerings

Martin Roberts Practical Caravan July 2013 - When male pride is challenged, carnage is often the result, says Martin Roberts after a mishap on tour (© Martin Roberts/Practical Caravan)

Confessions of a novice tow car driver

Created on 29th April 2015

Join us back in July 2013, when Practical Caravan columnist and Homes under the Hammer star Martin Roberts came clean about a slight towing, ahem, incident

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