Me and my caravan – Jim Harlow 1 - This classic 1975 Carlight Casetta has been lovingly restored by owner Jim Harlow (© Andrew Jenkinson/Practical Caravan)

The Carlight fantastic

Created on 27th March 2015

If you love vintage caravans, meet this rare, lovingly restored, two-berth Carlight Casetta from 1975 – Andy Jenkinson speaks to its dedicated owners

Fuel for thought blog 1 - According to our colleagues at What Car?, the Seat Leon 1.6 TDI 110 SE Ecomotive tops their efficiency tables (© Seat/Practical Caravan)

Fuel for thought

Created on 24th March 2015

We know how important fuel economy is when choosing what tow car to buy but, as our Tow Car Editor David Motton asks, can you trust the official figures?

Bargain hunting blog 1 - See and buy new caravans for sale at discounted prices at many dealers across the country, like this Swift Challenger SE 565 (© Alastair Clements/Practical Caravan)

Bargain hunting

Created on 23rd March 2015

Spring has sprung and our Alastair Clements has been window-shopping, browsing caravans for sale in search of a high-spec van on an entry-level budget

Touring in the Loire-Atlantique 1 - The Škoda Octavia Estate SE and the Adria Altea 4Four Go Signature made an eye-catching outfit (© Bryony Symes/Practical Caravan)

Touring in the Loire-Atlantique

Created on 19th March 2015

Dreaming of sun-filled holidays in France to escape the grey and rain at home, our Bryony Symes hitched up and hit the road, bound for Nantes

New 2015 Kia Sorento review 1 - There are four kit levels and two gearboxes available in the new Kia Sorento, and all models are all-wheel drive (© Kia/Practical Caravan)

New UK-spec Kia Sorento review

Created on 18th March 2015

The Kia Sorento is a popular tow car, so with a new model about to go on sale, our Motty made sure he was one of the first to drive the UK-spec version

Me and my caravan – John Novell 1 - Eileen and John Novell go on regular caravan holidays in this 1956 Bambi, giving it a new lease of life (© Andrew Jenkinson/Practical Caravan )

Fairholme comforts

Created on 17th March 2015

From garden find to regular touring companion, this rare 1956 Fairholme Bambi has been transformed by owner John Novell – Andy Jenkinson tells the story

Top 5 tow cars under £10,000 1 - A used Ford Mondeo can still make a great tow car and should be a reliable tug, too (© Practical Caravan)

Top 5 tow cars under £10,000

Created on 10th March 2015

We all know what tow car we'd buy if money was no object, but back in the real world, our expert is here and has found five top tugs for under £10,000

Me and my caravan – Jennings Chevy and Shasta – 1 - For stylish retro caravan holidays, look no further than this outfit, owned by Karen and David Jennings in California (© Richard Truesdell/Practical Caravan)

True blue

Created on 9th March 2015

For a vintage caravan oozing Californian style, look no further than this 1956 Shasta 1500 and its classic Chevrolet tow car, writes Richard Truesdell

Practical Caravan's advice on towing mirrors 1 - Before towing your caravan, make sure you've got a pair of mirrors to keep you safe and legal (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Mind your mirrors

Created on 4th March 2015

Before you collect your van and go on your caravan holidays, make sure you've got a good pair of towing mirrors, says our Tow Car Editor David Motton

Practical Caravan VW Tiguan blog 1 - The Tiguan towed our former long-term Adria Adora Rhine back to Adria UK’s HQ with aplomb (© Mike Le Caplain/Practical Caravan)

Confessions of a former SUV-hater

Created on 3rd March 2015

Read our Test Editor Mike Le Caplain's VW Tiguan review diary – can our long-term Volkswagen worm its way into the heart of a long-standing SUV-sceptic?

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