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TOPIC: To the Moderator

To the Moderator 11 years 6 months ago #30384

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Hi Mod,

Yes I'm back!

I have just read the forum etiquette rules and have tried to see which rules I have broken recently and yes I did break one rule that of abuse, which was directed towards you. I only likened you to Idi Amin due to your heavy handed moderation of late. You deleted these postings of mine :-

"Ann ............. you agreed with me! are you after my body?


ssssch Tina, How can I carry on chatting you up?


My six cyclinder just purrs like xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!"

Perhaps you can explain which forum rule made you delete these postings?

Are they abusive? don't see that myself.

Are they threatening? don't think so

Are they obscene? don't think they would come under the obscenity laws.

Are they sexually explicit? I can't see any profane words there, can you?

I have read and re-read the rules and there is nothing that I can see that these postings contravene.

Perhaps mr Mod you need to re-write the rules for the forum.

1, No Jokes

2, No jokes

3, No jokes

4, No double entendres

5, No inuendo

6, No banter

7, No heated debates

8, Only John Major clones may post

9, Absolutely no laughing

10, Everything the Mod says is final and beyond reproach as he is infallible (like the pope)

As usual when you get in to work Monday I expect this criticism of your moderation to be removed, just as my previous one was, despite there being supporters of my posting during the brief time it was on the forum. Now can you understand the dictator references?

In my opinion you need to lighten up on the moderation and just concentrate on the abusive postings which are insults, and you know Clive is by far the worse for this, always goading others into the 4x4 debate which you may have noticed I have agreed to disagree with Clive and kept out of it, despite his recent attempt to start it up all again.

By the way could you refresh my account so that I can log in from work. Ta

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To the Moderator 11 years 6 months ago #30385

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Heyyy I take exception to the John Major comment. You will be hearing more from my wifes lawyers then you'll learn that Mrs. Major isn't a person to upset.

“If there is anyone on the forum whom I have not insulted, I apologise profusely. ”
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To the Moderator 11 years 6 months ago #30386

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As you well know from the emails I sent you, you were banned for persistently posting messages containing sexual inuendo and personal abuse to other forum users. Both of these are not appropriate for a forum intended for caravanning enthusiasts.

The examples you give above are just the 'last straw' along with likening me to Idi Amin one of history's most evil dictators, and repeating likening me to Hitler. Even the moderator should be protected from personal abuse like that.

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