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The Compass Omega range of caravans has been resurrected for 2014 and Practical Caravan magazine delivers the definitive verdict on these all new models

The three, reintroduced for 2014 Compass ranges – the Corona, the Omega and the Rallye  – each offer customers four of the most popular floor plans available on the caravan market today, so these models will notably increase options for buyers. This is no accident. Parent company Elddis has relaunched the marque that back in 2009 it canned, because it now believes there is not sufficient choice in the market, so this will be remedied by increasing the number of brands and models to choose from.

These new Compass caravans differ from their Elddis stablemates in several ways. All Compass models sit on an Al-Ko rather than a BPW chassis, and will not be sold through Elddis retailers – instead, a dealer network is being built from scratch. This is in order to allow Compass to grow its very own market share, distinct and separate from Elddis. However, the Compass caravans retain benefits offered by parent company Elddis, such as a 10-year body warranty.

Omega launches with four models, each offering a popular floor plan. Buyers get an Al-Ko chassis including the ATC anti-snaking system. The interiors feature light cabinet work and stainless-steel detailing, with brown cues in the fabrics scheme, and Alde wet central heating makes an appearance. Prices range from £18,249-£19,299.

Practical Caravan says...

"The Compass Omega 540 we saw looked impressive. The interiors are bright and airy, the fit and finish are good and the spec includes the refinement of Alde heating and the convenience of dual-fuel hobs in the kitchen. The Compass Omega 540 is a good-looking caravan and if the other models are as good, this range will compete strongly this season."

The 2014 Compass Omega range

Compass Omega 482

Prices start from £18,249

A two-berth with a parallel lounge, midships kitchen and a spacious end washroom, complete with a separate shower cubicle and a big wardrobe. The front lounge makes up into either two 1.88m x 0.68m singles, or a 1.88m x 2.04m double.

Compass Omega 540

Prices from £19,299

A fixed bed four-berth with a parallel lounge, corner bed in the back and an end washroom. The fixed bed is 1.92m x 1.29m and the front lounge makes up into a 2.04m x 1.6m double.

Compass Omega 550

Prices from £19,299

A four-berth with a parallel lounge and a rear island bed. The kitchen is sited midships and the washroom is split into two sections, a toilet/sink area and a shower cubicle. The lounge double is 2.04m x 1.48m, while the island bed is 1.85m x 1.35m.

Compass Omega 574

Prices from £19,299

A four-berth with fixed rear twin single beds, a parallel lounge and an end washroom across the width of the interior. The kitchen is located in the middle. The lounge sofas make up into a 2.04m x 1.48m double bed, while the rear singles are a respectable 1.94m x 0.74m.

Rob Ganley
Group editor

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