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Practical Caravan’s experts review the four-model Buccaneer range, Elddis' luxury caravans that feature significant improvements for the 2014 season

Buccaneer is Elddis' stand-alone luxury brand of caravans, built using the new SoLiD construction technique that Elddis launched successfully last year.

It's the rebirth of the Compass range that's stealing the headlines at Elddis, and the fact that the budget Xplore range is being relaunched as a stand-alone brand. But the Buccaneer is a tried and tested range which needed few improvements for 2014.

The Buccaneer range is reduced to four models for 2014, as the Corsair has been deleted. These four models are the Clipper, Fluyt, Schooner and Caravel. Exteriors receive a new solar panel and external shower, but lose their noseweight indicators.

Tech bumps continue inside. The Buccaneer's TV is now 18-inch, CD players have USB chargers and bedrooms get dual audio speakers. Alde touch screen panels and Whale IC controllers are rolled out across all Buccaneers, while single-axle models receive Dometic fridges. A new bedding set is included, too.

The fixed bed in the Buccaneer Schooner has been moved from the offside to the nearside. The Buccaneer Caravel now gets a split washroom, with the shower on the offside and the washroom on the nearside, which allows the kitchen to move across to the offside.

Practical Caravan says...

"These incremental changes will keep Buccaneer competitive. The new goodies are matched with average price increases of 2.2%."

The 2014 Buccaneer model range

Buccaneer Fluyt

Price from £24,899

A four-berth with fixed rear twin single beds, a parallel lounge and an end washroom across the width of the interior. The kitchen is located in the middle. The lounge sofas make up into a 2.08m x 1.5m double bed, wwhile the rear singles are of different sizes – one is 1.94m x 0.78m, and the other 1.9m x 0.78m. The MTPLM is 1770kg.

Buccaneer Caravel

Price from £27,799

A four-berth with a parallel lounge and a rear island bed. The kitchen is sited midships and the washroom is split into two sections, a toilet/sink area and a shower cubicle. The lounge double is 2.08m x 1.6m, while the island bed is 1.88m x 1.4m. The MTPLM is 1880kg.

Buccaneer Schooner

Price from £27,799

A fixed bed four-berth with a parallel lounge, corner bed in the back and an end washroom. The fixed bed is 1.9m x 1.3m and the front lounge sofas make up into either a 2.08m x 1.8m double or two 1.8m x 0.7m singles. The MTPLM is 1895kg.

Buccaneer Clipper

Price from £27,799

The Clipper has an identical layout to Elddis' Crusader Cyclone and Supercyclone – it's a four-berth with fixed rear twin single beds, a parallel lounge and a full-width end washroom. The kitchen is located in the middle of the livign area. The lounge sofas make up into a 2.08m x 1.7m double bed, while the rear singles are differently sized – one is 1.94m x 0.78m, and the other 1.9m x 0.78m. The MTPLM is 1902kg.

Rob Ganley
Group editor

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