It may look like something that James May might cobble together for a Top Gear challenge (or at least the cover star of our sister magazine, Impractical Caravan), but the Cricket Trailer is actually a fully functional micro caravan. The Cricket Trailer’s quirky design creates a relatively compact unit for towing – it measures just 15ft by 6ft 6in, with a GVWR of 2500lbs. When pitched up, the hard-shell roof (with fabric sides) raises on a gas strut to create a maximum internal headroom of 6ft 2in.


A choice of internal layouts can accommodate up to two adults on foldout beds, but two kids can also kip in hammocks slung from the roof. There’s also room for a sink, cooker, toilet and shower, which is more than many micro caravans can squeeze in.


The trailer is the brainchild of an ex-NASA designer Garrett Finney, who worked on the habitation module of the International Space Station before bringing his knack for squeezing a quart into a pint pot back down to Earth.


Sadly, the Cricket is only available in the US, which is perhaps just as well given that it’s design looks best-suited to the warmer climate of its southern states. Prices start from $9950 (around £6400) for an empty shell, rising to an eye-watering $16,990 (around £11,000) for a fully kitted-out interior.

[Cricket Trailer]