CARAVANNER R J GRANT from Stevenage would like to know if it’s possible to daisy-chain two Aquaroll containers so that he won’t run out of water at a vital moment on a seasonal pitch. Here’s what he wants to find out:


“For many years we have had the benefit of having a mains water supply direct to our seasonal caravan pitch. For a number of reasons, we are having to move to a new caravan park for next season.


“Unfortunately, the seasonal pitches at this new site do not have their own mains water supply. I am looking for a means of having one Aquaroll attached to the caravan’s water inlet, which would be kept topped up from another water tank that would be used to ferry water from the central supply point to the caravan. Therefore ensuring we don’t run out of water at the wrong time.


“To transfer the water from one tank to the other I was thinking of using a battery-operated water pump similar to that advertised and sold by Although priced at £13 it looks large for my needs, being about three feet long. Have you come across such a device suitable for use by caravanners and if so would you please supply details?”


Doug King says:

To be honest, I haven’t come across such a pump and I do not think you need to buy an extra pump.


As I understand it, you want to pump water from a stand-by Aquaroll into another Aquaroll connected to the caravan’s water system. How would you know when the stand-by Aquaroll is empty and needs filling?


As you draw water from the main Aquaroll it would be refilling from the stand-by until there is no water coming out of the taps. At that point both Aquarolls would be empty.


The best advice I can give you is to do what I do: have two Aquarolls and when one runs out, switch the submersible pump, or feed pipe in the case of an inboard pump, to the second Aquaroll. You then have 40 litres available which gives you plenty of time to refill the Aquaroll that has already emptied. It’s cheaper and easier.