READER FRANK LEIGHTON from Bristol has written in with a query about the on-board water tank on his Swift Challenger.


He would like to fit a 12V water gauge with a visible meter similar to a petrol gauge on a car so he can check the water level without having to lift the seat base. How would he do this, and what materials would he need?


Nigel Donnelly says:

I’m pretty sure Swift doesn’t supply a kit to add a water-level gauge to a caravan water tank but it’s not that hard to fit your own. CAK Tanks of Kenilworth offers a variety of systems that will do the job. The simplest is the CAK Water Check (model number MPWLIF) This is a simple float switch kit costing around £22.


To fit, drill a small hole in the side of the water tank about three quarters of the way down the tank wall, fit the sensor and supplied seal, and attach it to a 12V supply. Once the tank drops to around a quarter full, a light illuminates in the cabin to warn you a refill is required. The warning light can be fitted anywhere that you run cable.


A more sophisticated option is the CBE Fresh Water Gauge Tank with a multi-level LED gauge (model no. MTT/G). Push the button on the gauge to see how full your tank is.


CAK says that fitting either unit is a DIY job, but the Water Check is easier. The CBE system requires a large hole to be cut in the top of the tank, and the sensor probes need to be cut to length. Instructions are supplied.


Call CAK Tanks on 0844 414 2324 or visit for details.