Supply chain problems and the continuing fallout from two years of lockdowns mean that we know much less about the plans from the major caravan manufacturers than we normally do by this time of year. Here, we provide a brief round-up of what we do know about the caravan launches for 2023. If you’re on the hunt for a new van, you can also take a look at our guide to the best caravans, where we share our top picks.


The Slovenian manufacturer updates each of its three conventional ranges in rotation, and this season, it will be the turn of the most budget-priced line-up, the Altea.

For 2023, the range will be reduced to just three models, the Adria Altea Dart (£27,175), the Tyne (£26,585) and the Avon (£26,930). The two-berth Aire has now been discontinued.

The most obvious upgrades come on the outside. All Alteas now arrive with an all-silver exterior and alloys, while the rear panel has been considerably improved with a new shape and light cluster.

The interior of the Adria Altea Dart
The Altea Dart

But there are notable changes on the inside, too. Interior walls are now being finished in SymaLITE, a composite made from recycled materials, which Adria says also saves weight. For the walls, this has been left in its raw state, giving a felt-like effect. Ceilings have a polyurethane white finish.

The front lounge in the new models has been designed to look more like home, with upholstery that reaches right down to the floor. 

The front bed is still made up from slats, but these rest on metal struts that you take out from a special storage slot in the underseat area.

Other more minor innovations include storage pockets that stick to the inner walls and can be moved around, and a versatile set of trays connected to the tap in the kitchen, providing more storage.


Coachman has reduced to 20 models over five ranges for the 2023 season, with the Acadia line-up in particular slimmed down, although the latest offering includes two brand-new models and three revised layouts.

New models aside, the only really significant change for the 2023 season is the introduction of smart silver side panels and a new Tibero interior wood on surviving Acadia models.

The new models for 2023 include the VIP 675 (£35,850), a twin-axle version of the transverse-island-bed and end-washroom VIP 575, which has been Coachman’s best-seller.

The VIP 675
The VIP 675

The Coachman Laser Xcel 855, meanwhile, is a new model with an L-shaped lounge and, unusually for a caravan, a kitchen on the near side by the door.

Revised layouts are on the Acadia 545, Laser 665 and Laser Xcel 850. All of these feature an upgraded washroom, in particular the 665, which now has a spacious central washing/dressing room.

The Acadia 545
The Acadia 545

The discontinued models are the Acadia 460, 520, 565 and 675 Xtra, and the Laser 650 and 675.

The Laser 665
The Laser 665


Hymer’s tourer brand has added one new layout to its Feeling and Nova Light caravan ranges for its 2023 launches.

Both the Eriba Feeling 515 and the Nova Light 515 have a 2m-long and 1.4m-wide transverse bed at the front, with bunk beds at the back, also 2m long, plus a bed that can be made up out of the seating. 

The interior of the Nova Light 515
The Nova Light 515

The Feeling 515 has the option of a pop-top roof, which includes another double bed, bringing the total number of berths up to seven. The pop-top roof also results in an internal headroom of 1.98m – the same as the Nova Light model.

The rear bunk can be folded away for more storage space on the move, and the table can be lowered into the bed storage area. A 133-litre fridge is included in both models, as well as a three-burner hob.


Customers can expect to see more new models in Hobby’s Scandinavian-inspired Maxia range of large family-oriented caravans for 2023, and in the more conventional Excellent.

However, the innovative Beachy range, which was launched to great interest last year, will not be making an appearance on Britain’s forecourts as planned for this season, because it has failed to meet certain UK regulations.

The new addition in the Maxia range is the 585UL, with a U-shaped front lounge and rear single beds. At 7.69m, it is significantly longer than its cousin the 495UL, leaving enough room for a generous wardrobe and cabinets. The 585UL comes with an MTPLM of 1700kg.

The Excellent Edition range is being expanded to 10 models for the new season. Four of these are designed for families and come fitted with bunk beds. They include the 650KMFe, which has a separate children’s room, complete with a table and seating area, at the rear.

The Excellent line-up also boasts a smart new anthracite-coloured wood finish borrowed from the Excellent Edition, while Prestige models get pale grey upholstery with sleek grey curtains.

The lounge of the Excellent
The Excellent

All Hobby models launched for the 2023 season feature a new kitchen, with glass tops for both the sink and the hob. Most also now come fitted with a two-way opening fridge.

Knaus & others

Knaus is bringing back a name last seen in the 1980s to launch its new range of luxury caravans.

Azur models have a frame made from 22 self-supporting parts. Knaus claims the UV-resistant material will “self-heal” light scratches, while more serious marks can be removed by grinding and polishing. 

The Azur being towed
The Azur being towed

There is lighting all around the Campovolo grey side walls, and each van comes with 17-inch alloys. 

FoldXPand technology has been used on the front and back panel to make best use of the interior length.

Ambient LED lighting runs along the corners and joints, while a ‘smart wall’ of fabric-covered doors opens to reveal more storage, including behind the settees. Furniture is slanted to enhance the sense of space.

The kitchen of the Azur
The Azur

The spec includes a 133-litre AES fridge, and a jockey wheel with an integrated drawbar load indicator.

Four layouts will initially be available – three with a rear lounge, including the 500FU (£37,830) with front corner bed, and the 460EU (£36,250) and 500EU (£37,760) with single beds up front, plus the 540UE (£40,030) with single beds at the back and a front lounge.

Prices on all Knaus ranges apart from North Star have gone up by 4.4-8.3% for 2023. North Star prices have gone down by about 0.5%.

Budget brand Weinsberg goes into the 2023 season unchanged. Prices have increased by about 3%.

The T@B teardrop range also remains unchanged for 2023, with prices rising by a similar amount.

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