[tl:gallery size=480×124]As standard, caravan appliances get a meagre one year warranty but Dometic has decided to bump up the warranty on all fridges fitted to British caravans built from 1st January 2011.
There are conditions though. To qualify for this, the caravan must have a Dometic fridge fitted. At the moment, I think that means the offer is only suitable for Bailey Pegasus and Unicorn models as everyone else has opted for Thetford equipment this season. Unless you know otherwise…
Secondly, you must be a member of the relevant one-make owners club, so in this case the Bailey Owners Club. Finally, you have to attend the main factory visit rally, the Camping and Caravanning Club’s National Feast of Lanterns or the Caravan Club National Rally to get your free annual fridge service completed by one of Dometic’s engineers.
With all the conditions borne in mind, Dometic is not exposing itself to a massive liability on the three year warranty but it is a lovely thing to have. It makes you wonder if caravan manufacturer’s might consider a change to Dometic product next year as a customer benefit? It is a very useful tool for boosting owner’s club membership too.

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