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There can’t be many must-see documentaries about a motorhome salesman, but Winnebago Man, showing on BBC4 tonight, is certainly one.

The documentary was inspired by 1989 videotape containing outtakes from a Winnebago industrial training video presented by Jack Rebney and to say he wasn’t on the best of form that particular day is a something of an understatement. The outtakes show Jack losing his rag with just about everything imaginable, including himself, and his stream of impressive expletives has to be heard to be believed.

The clip found a wider audience on YouTube and Jack “The Angriest Man in the World” Rebney became something of a cause célèbre as a result. Inevitably, the search was than on to find the star of this 20-year old footage — and the interesting tale of what became of Jack became the Winnebago Man documentary.

Here’s the trailer:

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You can find the original Winnebago Man training video outtakes all over YouTube, but we’ll resist embedding a version here to protect the sensibilities of Practical Caravan readers…

Winnebago Man is first showing on BBC4 on Monday 30th August at 10pm, but the chances are that it will be repeated throughout the week if you miss it first time around — and you’ll be able to cactch on iPlayer, of course.

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