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We’re not entirely sure of the wisdom of packing a dedicated device in the van for a specific task when a multi-purpose plastic bowl does the job perfectly well, but this design concept for a camping dishwasher is at least compact and energy efficient.

The EcoWash is essentially an integration of the usual bucket and brush approach to dishwashing, but it puts elbow grease to good work in a slightly different way to the traditional method — via a crank handle.

Clean water is added through a slot at the top of the EcoWash and dirty water expelled through a similar opening at the base. Cranking the handle when the washer is drained then also helps dry the dishes through centrifugal force — a bit like a salad spinner.

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The EcoWash is just a design idea at this stage, but we can’t see it getting much further — it does nothing that a bucket of water can’t do, after all. In fact, it does rather less, since it doesn’t seem able to wash anything deeper than a dinner plate. A clear transgression of the KISS rule when it comes to camping, we think…

[Yanko Design]