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Caravanning can save a bit of holiday money if you take the family dog with you rather than pay for full board at the kennels, but not all campsites welcome our four-legged friends with open arms.

You can search for dog-friendly campsites when you’re planning a trip using the Kennel Club’s Open For Dogs web site, but its list of canine-compatible cafes, beaches and pubs isn’t much use once you’re pitched up without a computer.

With the Kennel Club’s new Dog Friendly UK app installed on your iPhone, however, you’ll be able to look up places that won’t complain about a doggy smell, hair everywhere and the occasional cocked leg, no matter where you are.

The Dog Friendly UK app costs £1.79 contains over 10,000 pro-dog places throughout the UK and also includes veterinary surgeries. The app is GPS-enabled too, so iPhone 3, 3GS and 4 owners can search for places near to their current location and get driving or walking directions via Google Maps.

Dog Friendly UK is available now from the App Store and the reviews so far seem to rate the current version 1.01 as reasonable, but suggest that there are still a few bugs to sort out. Let’s hope the Kennel Club is paying attention and gets cracking with a few free updates…

[Dog Friendly UK at the App Store]