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There’s a tradition in the US for stores to hold a huge sale on the day after Thanksgiving to kick start the Xmas shopping season.

Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday in the US, which means the sale always starts on Friday. And, for reasons best known to the Americans, the day has come to be known as ‘Black Friday’.

This year, Black Friday falls on 26th November and, unusually, Amazon has announced that it will be having a similar Black Friday sale in the UK.

Amazon hasn’t yet announced which products will be included in its sale, or how much its “pinch-me-to-prove-they’re-real” prices will be, but it will start to drip-feed details from Next Monday (22nd November) onwards.

So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a new sat-nav, digital camera or laptop, this could be the best time to do it — check the Amazon Black Friday page for details on how to keep up-to-date with the deals.

In a similar vein, Sony is currently running a deal where it will refund the VAT on a wide range of its products purchased before 24th December. So, that’s a 17.5% discount, which means the £299 DSC-WX5 digital camera only costs £254 — a saving of £44.

Be sure to check the prices at other stores before buying from Sony though, since you may still find a price lower than the VAT-free one elsewhere.