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With the UK in the grip of a deep freeze at the moment, it goes without saying that extra care needs to be taken when driving on icy roads.

Some modern car technology can help mitigate the risks of treacherous driving conditions though, and Alfa Romeo’s promotional video for the Dynamic Natural All-weather (DNA) technology in its new Giulietta is certainly well timed.

The 100-second clip shows the Giulietta being taken for a spin, literally, on the Coventry Skydome ice rink under the guise of it trying its hand (wheel?) at ice hockey.

We’re not sure that the video is actually as impressive as Alfa Romeo seems to think, not least since there seems to be at least one careful edit where the Giulietta appears to be heading straight into the barriers that run around the rink.

Here’s the clip so you can judge for yourself:

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