If you are fitting air-conditoning to your van, it’s important to choose a unit that’s suitable for your caravan. Here are the details on the model that reader Tony Brown picked for his own installation. For full details on the fitting procedure, click here.


Truma Sapphire Comfort IRPrice From £1000  Weight 24kgWeb www.trumauk.com

TRUMA DIAGRAM KEY1 Air-conditioning unit 2a Supply air intake2b Supply air outlet 3a Circulatory air return 3b Cold-air outlets 

PAYLOADBefore planning a major installation of this type, calculate how much the new kit will reduce your payload. To do this you must add the weight of the new equipment to the MiRO of your caravan and subtract the total from the MTPLM to give you your revised maximum payload. Remember to include the weight of the pipe work, controllers and other ancillaries. If necessary, ask your caravan manufacturer whether your MTPLM can be increased for a small cost.