[tl:gallery size=470×262]Solar-powered gear can be a bit hit and miss, particularly in a country that’s isn’t noted for its long hours of brilliant sunshine. These Sunnan solar-powered lamps from IKEA look like a useful addition to any van though, even if the weather is less than perfect.

Designed like a traditional desk lamp, the Sunnan has a solar panel in its base and an LED bulb mounted on an arm. Although designed for indoor use (which presumably means it isn’t waterproof), the disc-shaped base can be detached and left in a suitably sunny spot for charging — on the car dashboard while en route to a pitch, for example.

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According to IKEA, it takes nine hours on a sunny day and 12 when overcast to provide a full charge that lasts for three hours. Three AA rechargeable batteries store the power and these can be replaced. Judging by the lamp’s design, it also looks like it can charge itself, though IKEA doesn’t mention that particular feature…

The IKEA Sunnan lamp costs £15.31 and is available online.