THIS PAGE HIGHLIGHTS the different types of insurance you can buy, and what each of them covers.


Car insurance

■ Covers car for third-party damage, but not the trailer (caravan).
■ Covers ‘personal belongings’, but only items locked in the car are covered, and as long as the car’s contents are not insured under another policy.
■ Insurance cover will not extend to anyone who has other insurance covering the same liability.
■ Covers third-party damage caused by a runaway caravan on public roads (conditions apply).


Caravan insurance

■ Covers loss or damage to the caravan, plus some contents.
■ Covers ‘contents and equipment’, such as Aquaroll, Wastemaster and awnings, but only if these items are stolen from the caravan, and
not the awning.
■ Covers third-party damage caused, for example, by a runaway caravan on a campsite.


House insurance

■ Items covered away from home have to be in an ‘occupied private dwelling or caravan’, but are only covered if theft occurs.
■ ‘Motor vehicle theft’ is not covered.
■ Garden equipment at home is covered. Theft of the same garden equipment from a caravan awning is not covered.


Car breakdown insurance

■ Covers the car for breakdowns when towing, but accidents are not covered.
■ Caravan breakdown is not covered.


Personal liability insurance

■ Covers caravan damage to third party.
■ Covers damage to the caravan, but any liability is excluded from any event arising from an item being towed.


Domestic travel insurance

■ Typically covers money loss, muggings and hospital-stay payments.
■ These items may be covered already by car, house or caravan insurance, however.


Foreign travel insurance

■ European breakdown policies are unlikely to include caravan breakdown, or the cost of recovering the caravan to the UK
■ Medical cover, as provided by travel insurance, is essential for accident and injury claims.


Specialist caravan travel insurer

■ Will arrange recovery of caravan to the UK (contact the major caravanning clubs for details).




■ Legal (third-party) liability to others for injury or damage caused in an accident, including when a trailer (caravan) is being towed. You do not need separate legal cover for the caravan.
■ Damage to your car is covered.
■ Damage to any trailer (caravan) or its contents is excluded — you will need to insure this separately. The same would apply in case of theft or fire for the caravan.


■ All loss or damage to the caravan is covered, and a certain amount of the contents as well.
■ If you share the load between car and caravan, you will need to claim under the relevant insurance, but be aware that some policies may not pay out if the items are ‘insured under any other policy’ or not locked away in the car at the time.
■ Remember that some insurers do not consider items such as Aquarolls, Wastemasters or awnings as ‘personal belongings’. However, the Caravan Club 5Cs policy provides cover for ‘caravanning equipment’ of all sorts, but only if it is stored within the caravan (not in the car or the awning). Check the conditions carefully.


■ Look for the wording ‘occupied private dwelling or caravan’ to see if your items will be covered away from the home. Such items are not specified but theft is not covered unless force is used to enter the caravan.
■ Check your policy to see if theft from an awning is covered, as this falls in the area between your house and caravan. Your house insurance may cover theft from an awning under the all-risks section, if your policy includes such a section.


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