FROM: eBay

MAKE/MODEL: 1991 Silverline Nova

IN A NUTSHELL: Narrow bodied, lightweight tourer ideal for towing behind a tiny tug

THIS OLD SILVERLINE looks in rather good nick.


Usually, they went like a sponge early on, letting in water at the back end but this one has either never suffered or been properly fixed by the look of things.


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Slimline Nova range was a big hit for a while, thanks to an MTPLM of just 700kg


Silverline re-invented themselves by launching the slimline Nova range. In fact, I went to a dealer launch in 1985 which seems like yesterday! I actually watched these being built in 1987, just outside York in an old World War II aircraft hanger.


As a company, Silverline had a pretty broad portfolio of products. It was one of the very few caravan makers that actually began buiding coachbuilt motorhomes on the fab Ford Transit in around late 70s. It was also something of a pioneer in the use of bonded panel construction which is still used today. They were playing about with the technology on static tourers back in the 1970s!


The Novas sold really well despite being a niche product. There was also a four-berth model but stretched by about a foot. This is a 1991 model, so it from toward the end of production. By end of 1992, the firm slid the hanger doors shut for the last time.

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