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Something that qualifies for the ‘the world’s smallest caravan’ title must crop up a couple of times a year, but we suspect that the Camper Kart will retain that distinction for some time to come.

The Camper Kart is the work of Canadian artist Kevin Cyr and it’s literally a pop-up camper that’s been shoehorned into a shopping trolley.

The cosy single-berth accommodation packs a small food preparation area, but there’s no toilet and the whole thing looks like it might be a little unstable when fully expanded.

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The Camper Kart isn’t intended to be a practical proposition to solo camping though, it’s part of larger art project that investigates habitats, housing, recycling, ecology, exploration and mobility.

In fact Kevin has something of a track record for creation ultra-compact camping solutions. His ‘Home in the Weeds’ piece is a caravan on a slightly larger scale that can be towed by a bicycle and we covered his Camper Bike in Practical Motorhome earlier this year.

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