01 Alde battery back up - Nigel Hutson's Alde Smart Control panel (with correct time and date set) (© Practical Caravan)

Add battery back-up to Alde's control panel

Published 26th March 2019 Advice

Fit this simple battery back-up unit and you can forget about resetting the clock on Alde's control panel, says Nigel Hutson

Fire safety upgrades - Follow Tony's tips for fitting essential fire safety equipment in your van (© Practical Caravan)

Fire safety upgrades

Published 7th February 2019 Advice

Never underestimate the importance of fire safety in your caravan; here are some tips from Tony Brown to help you stay safe in your van

Winter towing tips - As cold weather tightens its grip on the UK's roads, check our winter towing tips on staying safe (© Practical Caravan)

Towing a caravan in winter

Published 30th January 2019 Advice

Thinking of taking a tour this winter? Check our advice for travelling in wintry conditions to make sure you stay safe.

Spotlight on: Aerials - Everything you need to know about TV aerials in your van (© Practical Caravan)

Spotlight on: Caravan antennas

Published 15th November 2018 Advice

Watching TV while you are staying in your caravan can be a simple pleasure or a source of stress, but you can minimise any problems with a good antenna.

Practical Caravan – Used caravans for sale – 2011 Sterling Europa 565 – 0 - The front locker is big and you get an AKS hitch for extra stability (© Andy Jenkinson/Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

Used caravan buyer: 2011 Sterling Europa 565

Published 11th April 2018 Advice

Want a bargain family caravan? Find out why our used van expert thinks a 2011 Sterling Europa 565 could well be worth a look for you and your kids

Practical Caravan – what tow car? – Used Seat Alhambra buyer's guide – 1 - The Seat Alhambra won our Best MPV gong at our Tow Car Awards 2016 (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Used Seat Alhambra buyer's guide

Published 3rd April 2018 Advice

It's achieved success at our Tow Car Awards so we know what tow car ability it has, but what's the 2010-on Seat Alhambra like as a used buy? Let's find out

Practical Caravan – Annual caravan servicing – what you need to know – 1 - One option is to take your caravan to an approved workshop to be serviced (© Sammy Faircloth/Practical Caravan)

Annual caravan servicing – what you need to know

Published 16th March 2018 Advice

Get the low-down on caravan servicing with our expert, to give you peace of mind that your tourer is safe and ready for another year of wonderful holidays

Practical Caravan – A beginner's guide to caravanning – 1 - Read our guide packed with the essential basics, to help you get started in the wonderful world of caravanning (© Jenny Owen/Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)

A beginner's guide to caravanning

Published 12th March 2018 Advice

So, you want to go touring? There's lots to learn and it can be hard to know where to begin – let's start with our expert's caravanning basics

Practical Caravan – Tow cars: petrol vs diesel – 1 - In our special head-to-head, these two VW Tiguans help to answer this question: what tow car is best, diesel or petrol? (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Tow cars: petrol vs diesel

Published 9th March 2018 Advice

What tow car is best? Petrol or diesel? It's a question that's getting harder to answer. Our Motty hitches up and gets behind the headlines to find out

Practical Caravan – Used Bailey caravans for sale – Senator Vermont Series 5 – 1 - Series 5 Bailey Senators were fitted with an AKS hitch and had a good-sized front gas locker (© Andy Jenkinson/Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

Used caravan buyer: 2005 Bailey Senator Vermont Series 5

Published 6th March 2018 Advice

Bag a bargain with a van from the once top-selling luxury Senator Series 5 range of Bailey caravans – here's what to look for to help you buy the very best

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