Gas regulators as fitted to caravans

Gas regulator change has resulted in blame game

Created on 22nd December 2010

CARAVANNERS HAVE reported the failure of their LPG regulators since the industry changed from fitting regulators directly to gas cylinders to fitting them to …

Advice clinic: fitting a gauge to your on-board water tank

Created on 19th December 2010

READER FRANK LEIGHTON from Bristol has written in with a query about the on-board water tank on his Swift Challenger.

He would like to fit a 12V …

Laugh at the cold – how to use your caravan's heater controls

Created on 17th December 2010

MYSTIFIED BY your heater's controls and what they do? Follow our handy tips on how to crank up the heat and keep the cold at bay. 1. Read the instructionsTo …

Advice clinic: do I need a pump to connect two Aquarolls?

Created on 17th December 2010

CARAVANNER R J GRANT from Stevenage would like to know if it's possible to daisy-chain two Aquaroll containers so that he won't run out of water at a vital …

How to... Cheat the winter cold with your caravan heater

Created on 15th December 2010

Top tips and advice from Practical Caravan's expert team to keep you warm and cosy when out on tour across the chilly winter months

Refine your search

Six steps to smart eBay caravan shopping

Created on 18th November 2010

AS FAR AS caravanners are concerned, eBay is a great place to sell, but a bad place to buy.Prices often reach dealer forecourt levels for popular models as …

With the TV connected, run Auto Search

Fitting a Teleco Teleplus X2 TV aerial

Created on 15th November 2010

WE'VE HAD OUR 2010 Bailey Pegasus 462 for 11 months and during that time have never had good TV reception. This was because when Bailey was building the caravan, …

Get your van ready for winter

Created on 15th November 2010

IF YOU'RE NOT GOING to use your caravan during the colder months you’ll need to protect it from the elements. Doug "Fix-it" King shows you how…
1. …

awning bag

Used awnings – 12 ways to avoid buying a dud

Created on 1st November 2010

Without doubt, buying a used awning is a risky purchase – the deal is fraught with possible problems, especially if you buy privately from a source you don’t …

Angled too high

Mirror images

Created on 26th August 2010

You probably don’t give much thought to your towing mirrors beyond putting them on at the start of a trip and taking them off when you unhitch your caravan. …

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