How to... Use a Truma caravan heater

Created on 10th August 2011

Do you know how to get the best from your Truma Trumatic S3002?

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Elddis Project: Work on the 12V system and water heater

Published 9th August 2011 Project vans

IT HAS BEEN several weeks since I last had time to work on our 1982 Elddis Whirlwind. So far I’ve concentrated on the electrics. I fitted a new mains consumer …

Tyron - sticker next to the valve

Tyron Bands - Fitting them to caravan wheels

Published 8th August 2011 On the road

AS YOU PROBABLY know, Tyron Safety Bands are a device which you fit to a wheel to minimise the effect of tyre failure. You can fit them to a car or a caravan …

Reader DIY: How to fit a dishwasher in your caravan

Created on 4th April 2011

READER RICHARD MINNS has one of the most popular and useful mod cons installed in his caravan – an automatic dishwasher.

Previously fitted to his …

The monitor now shows the view from behind the caravan

Step-by-step: fitting a Trailer Vision reversing camera

Published 27th March 2011 Electrics

THE TRAILER VISION reversing camera system features a colour camera and monitor, and it is also wireless. This means that it's extremely easy to instal, as …

Fitting an MCB fuse control panel: step 6

Step-by-step: how to fit an MCB fuse control panel to your van

Published 25th March 2011 Electrics

IF YOU TEND TO use a lot of electricity on site, you may have found the mains supply cuts out. Reader Ron Horniblew explains how to fit a miniature circuit …

How to... Fit an MCB fuse control panel

Created on 25th March 2011

Find out how to install an MCB fuse control panel to your caravan

Fitting a Trailer Vision wireless reversing camera

Created on 10th February 2011

REVERSING CAMERAS have been around for many years and have proved particularly popular with drivers of large vehicles and motorhomes, but much less so with …

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Bought the wrong car? Don't panic…

Published 28th January 2011 Tow cars

IF YOU FIND that the car you've bought isn't suitable to tow your caravan, don't despair. Here are some things you can do to put things right. The more pound …

Are you licensed to tow?

Created on 28th January 2011

BEFORE YOU START thinking about matching your car and caravan, first check what your driving licence entitles you to tow.

In practice, if you passed …

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