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How to... Choose a tow car

Published 28th January 2011 Advice

Make sure you buy the right tow car to ensure you can tow in safety and with confidence with Practical Caravan's top tips and independent advice

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27 ways to be a better caravanner!

Published 25th January 2011 On the road

DURING THE COURSE of a caravanning year, it’s easy to pick up bad habits. Read through our list of tips on good practice and be a model caravanner this season. …

Insurance: a guide to policy types and coverage areas

Created on 17th January 2011

THIS PAGE HIGHLIGHTS the different types of insurance you can buy, and what each of them covers.Car insurance■ Covers car for third-party damage, but not the …

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How to get the right insurance cover

Published 17th January 2011 Advice

DO YOUR VARIOUS insurance policies fit neatly together, or are you paying twice for the same thing? Our in-depth feature takes the uncertainty out of insurance …

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How to... Fit air-conditioning - unit details

Published 17th January 2011 Advice

If you are installing air-conditioning to your caravan, make sure you select a suitable unit and fit it properly – here is reader Tony Brown's story

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A step-by-step guide to fitting air conditioning

Published 17th January 2011 Advice

ONCE YOU'VE WORKED out which air-conditioning unit you're going to use and where to site it (click here for reader Tony Brown's advice on preparation), you …

How to... Retrofit air-conditioning to your caravan

Created on 14th January 2011

Fitting air-conditioning into your caravan can be a tricky and complex process – Practical Caravan reader Tony Brown shares his advice

How payload is calculated using the revised formula

Created on 13th January 2011

CARAVAN MANUFACTURERS in EU countries must calculate the weight of personal effects that may be carried in a tourer using this formula:10L+10N+30kgL stands …

Caravan payload calculations have changed

Payload calculation changes – be aware

Published 12th January 2011 Advice

WHEN YOU shop around for a new caravan you may compare features, comfort and even weight. But from this year onwards, you should also consider whether the payload …

Digitise your Truma space heater step 8

Step-by-step: adding a digital heater controller

Published 12th January 2011 Advice

WAKING UP ON a cold morning, many caravanners must, like me, jump out of bed, turn on the heating then jump back in while the van warms up.

Installing …

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