It’s been one of the busiest caravanning months ever for Brenda and me. It started with the readers’ rally at Stowford Farm. What a great rally it was. Our only regret was that we weren’t there on the Sunday due to having another engagement which couldn’t be re-arranged – Sod’s Law always seems to apply at times like this! But we were there on the Friday, Saturday and Monday and thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of dedicated readers.

A couple of weeks later we went to Lincolnshire to write a feature on its wartime connections and a week or so later we spent a day towing our caravan around various roads and motorways so that a photographer from the Highways Agency could get photographs for the Agency’s website and its various publications. Finally, we went to Chew Valley Caravan Park near Bristol to make a DVD for new caravanners which Bailey Caravans will be supplying as part of the information pack included in all of its new caravans.