I have a 2010 Swift Challenger 570 and unfortunately the windows have been scratched by a wash leather that was probably contaminated with volcanic dust. I have read that Farecla G3 compound is good for removing scratches and wondered whether this can be used with a car polishing machine?  I appreciate that the mop must be kept damp to prevent overheating, but are there any other potential problems associated with the use of polishing machines?

John Nicoll


Doug says I’ve always removed scratches to the windows by hand and am a bit concerned that an electric polisher might be too harsh against the soft plastic windows. I’d suggest that if you decide to go try it, you choose a small area of window to experiment on. Don’t apply too much compound at a time. Keep applying small amounts and buffing it off with a soft cloth. It sounds like the scratching is relatively light so I’d expect you to get an excellent result.