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French manufacturer Beauer has been showing its concept 3X caravan design at shows across Europe for a couple of years, but it now seems that this innovative expanding design will be on sale soon.

From the outside, the 3X looks much like a compact pod caravan, but it’s actually nothing of the sort.

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The caravan is towed from the side rather than the front and, once pitched, the two sides expand telescopically from 1.8m wide to 4.6m, tripling the amount of interior space to 12m² as a result. The 3X has a dry weight of 1000kg.

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Furniture and fittings are mounted so that they fold into place once the sides are expanded, and the 3X includes a double bed, 130-litre fridge, gas stove, sink and storage units. The dining area can also be used as a two-berth sleeping area.

The Beauer 3X is reckoned to cost €25,000 (around £21,000), but there’s no news yet on availability.

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