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TomTom has updated its iPhone route-finder app to version 1.5. Among the new features are updated maps and updated graphics specifically for the higher resolution screen of the iPhone 4.

The update also adds a new “navigate to photo” feature that let’s you choose a destination by selecting a photo from your iPhone library — though this presumably works best with images of notable landmarks rather than a snap of your mum’s front door.

Probably less useful for frequent travellers is the new option for in-app purchases of new Star Wars voices for spoken directions. According to the TomTom press release, you can now be told to turn left in two hundreds by Darth Vader, C3PO, Yoda (“Left turn in two hundred yards you will take”..?) and Han Solo, though we suspect these are the work of — hopefully — skilled voice actors rather than the real thing. 

TomTom 1.5 for UK and Ireland costs £59.99, but the update is free for existing users. Each Star Wars voice costs £3.49.

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