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Not all dogs can stand to be in the same room as a vacuum cleaner, let alone be given a going over by one, but Dyson has a new attachment for those that don’t mind the noisy end of the nozzle.

It’s called the Dyson Groom Tool and, for £40, it lets you brush loose hair from your moulting dog before it gets the chance to clog up the carpet.

Once attached to the end of the vacuum cleaner nozzle (it works with both upright and cylinder models), the tool uses thumb pressure to extend its 364 bristles for brushing and holding onto shed hair.

When the pressure is release, the bristles retract and release the hair, which is then sucked up by the nozzle. The tool works for dogs with medium to long fur, and its design makes it impossible to get the vacuum cleaner nozzle stuck on the dog’s fur, too.

You can buy the Dyson Groom Tool direct from the Dyson web site, with free delivery.