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We’re not sure how we’d feel when offered a pitch that’s suspended several feet above the ground, so it’s just as well that these two vintage ‘vans are designed for campers with somewhat different needs to us.

Spotted on crafting site Etsy, these are nesting boxes made to look like vintage US caravans — one is hand-crafted from aluminium to look like a classic Airstream, while the other is made from marine-grade plywood to resemble a 1950s’ Shasta.

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Shipping costs to the UK may be a little prohibitive and stock tends to come and go, since both Etsy sellers make their miniature ‘vans by hand.

Even so, either model would make the perfect gift for the caravanner who likes to keep their guest accommodation consistent.

Or they could just serve as inspiration for a DIY nesting box project, not least since the weather so far this summer suggests that we’ll be spending more time indoors than out…