If you’re still struggling to justify [tl:gallery size=227×224]splashing out on an Apple iPad, how does using one as the biggest-ever sat-nav device sound? ALK launched a low-cost version of its excellent CoPilot Live route-planning software for the iPhone last year, but it now has a dedicated version for the iPad, too.

CoPilot Live HD’s main appeal is that it takes full advantage of the iPad’s 9.7” screen. So, if you find yourself squinting to see where your current sat-nav device is sending you, sticking an iPad on your dashboard will be like sitting on the front row at the cinema — you just need a suitable in-car mount to go with it.

Of more interest to Practical Caravan readers, however, are CoPilot Live HD’s various profiles for different vehicle types, including a caravan-friendly “RV” mode. Although you can’t specify the dimensions or weight of your vehicle (that’s coming in CoPilot Live Truck later this year), RV-friendly routes will calculate routes that are best suited to larger vehicles, sticking to main roads where possible and avoiding U-turns.

The average speed for different road types can be customised to suit your driving style though, so you’ll get a more accurate prediction of journey time when planning a route, too.

The only catch is that you’ll need an iPad with 3G for sat-nav purposes — the cheaper Wi-Fi models don’t have built-in GPS. CoPilot Live HD doesn’t need 3G internet access to work, but it will make use of it if available for traffic updates and live fuel prices.

CoPilot Live HD costs £25.99 (iTunes Store link) with a UK map and additional Western and Eastern European maps can be purchased within the application itself — just don’t do it over your 3G data connection when you’re abroad…

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