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It’s still early days for 3D telly in the UK, but if you’ve recently bought a new 3D HDTV and are struggling to find anything worthwhile to watch, this new gadget from ViewSonic may be what you need.

It’s called the 3DV5 and it’s a compact digital video camera much along the same lines as the popular Flip models. The difference, however, is that this one has two lenses and captures footage in 3D, which means you can literally add a new dimension to your holiday movies— until the novelty of appearing to poke a pair of barbecue tongs from the TV screen wears off, that is.

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Onboard USB and HDMI ports make it easy to connect the camera to a computer or compatible HDTV, but you can also watch footage in 3D on the camera itself. Better still, you don’t need special glasses for this — the 3DV5 has a 2.4-inch ‘auto-stereoscopic’ screen that gives a convincing 3D image when viewed from a certain angle. 3D movies can also be uploaded to YouTube’s 3D channel and viewed using anaglyph glasses — the ones with one red and one blue lens.

According to ViewSonic, the 3DV5 has a foolproof one-touch recording function and can quickly switch between 2D and 3D. Movies are saved onto SD memory cards at a resolution of 720p in MP4 format, so they can be easily edited in any video-editing application.

The ViewSonic 3DV5 has an RRP of £150 and although we can’t yet find it on sale anywhere, it should be available in time for Xmas.