I have recently bought a new Lunar[tl:gallery size=214×143] Lexon and I have been told by a friend that there is material that I can glue to the underside of the van. This material has to have fire retardant properties. Have you heard of such a thing?
Frank Cooke, via email
Doug says my question to you Frank is why do you want to add insulation to the underside of your new Lunar Lexon? Floors in caravans are already very well insulated. I am also concerned that if you do anything permanent to the caravan whilst it is under warranty, you could invalidate the warranty. Caravan Manufacturers are extremely pernickety about owners doing DIY to caravans under warranty so I suggest you think long and hard before proceeding.
I have not heard of any material other than polystyrene or polyurethane which is used to insulate the floors of caravans, nor have I had anyone write to say that the floor of their caravan needs additional insulation, but if you are concerned can I suggest you buy a 25mm thick sheet of polystyrene and cut it to fit the floor under the seats inside the caravan. I very much doubt if this would affect your warranty as each piece could be removed if required.


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