Most sat-nav devices and paid-for smartphone route-planning apps offer traffic monitoring of some description, but these features are really intended to help you avoid jams when you’re driving. The RAC’s new Traffic Plus app, on the other hand, is ideal for when you’re just about to embark on a journey you don’t need satellite guidance for, but still want to check what’s happening on the roads first.

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RAC Traffic Plus uses traffic data that’s updated every five minutes to pinpoint delays on an interactive map, based either on your GPS location or a point-to-point route. A tap on each point brings up further information about the delay and delays can be filtered to show either planned roadworks and road closures or traffic incidents. You can also check traffic conditions by region, and the UK map can be scrolled and zoomed in the usual way.

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The app is well presented and extremely simple to use, making it a handy option for when you’re sitting in the car and wondering about which route to take before you set off. The route-planning aspect is rudimentary and no replacement for a dedicated device or app, but again, it makes it quick and easy to confirm a journey before you hit the road.

Best of all, RAC Traffic Plus costs just 59p and is available for both iPhone and Android. And, if you just want the traffic report information without the route-planning, the free RAC Traffic app is also available.

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