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Bufalino - probably the smallest motorhome in the world

Published 1st September 2010 Blog

Last week’s piece on the Cricket Trailer showed one way to condense mobile accommodation into a very small space, but the Bufalino takes the idea to the absolute …

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Don't miss Winnebago Man —  BBC4 tonight at 10pm

Published 30th August 2010 Blog

There can’t be many must-see documentaries about a motorhome salesman, but Winnebago Man, showing on BBC4 tonight, is certainly one.

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The Solwise Rocket puts an end to campsite Wi-Fi woes

Published 27th August 2010 Blog

Wireless internet access is now available at 60 Caravan Club sites, and Wi-Fi is fast becoming a standard feature at other campsites, too. So, all you need …

Old school class for under £2.5k

Created on 26th August 2010

Vanroyce. It's a name that conjours images of hand-built quality. A Vanroyce was a class old caravan, built to last and with bags of traditional charm. The …

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Need to find a campsite in Kurdistan? There’s an app for that

Published 25th August 2010 Blog

Another day, another iPhone app aimed at the camping crowd. This one is called Go Camping: Worldwide and, according to the blurb, it’s “the fastest and easiest …

A pop-up caravan? Now that’s Cricket

Created on 23rd August 2010

It may look like something that James May might cobble together for a Top Gear challenge (or at least the cover star of our sister magazine, Impractical Caravan), …

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Suspend the scepticism. These Swifts are special...

Published 23rd August 2010 Blog

I’m something of a veteran of caravan launch events and I’m always a little sceptical about new model information.

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Facebook's new 'Places' feature means it's time to review your privacy settings

Published 20th August 2010 Blog

Facebook rolled out a new ‘Places’ feature this week that lets US users of the iPhone Facebook app and mobile web site to tag status updates with their lo …

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Take a library on tour with new cut-price Amazon Kindle

Published 17th August 2010 Blog

If packing a pile of paperbacks in the back of the van is your idea entertainment for rainy days away, then the latest version of the Amazon Kindle ebook reader …

Swift Conq wireframe

New Swifts are almost here!

Published 17th August 2010 Blog

Last year's biggest caravan story was undoubtedly the arrival of the Bailey Pegasus. This year it looks set to be the emergence of the 2011 Swift Conqueror …

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