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One For All in-car chargers cater for all eventualities

Published 27th September 2010 Blog

You may know it more for the universal remote controls that help wrestle complicated TV set-ups into submission, but One For All is now branching out into power …

Coachman Oasis rear lounge

Project Coachman: Update

Published 27th September 2010 Blog

We've been running a Coachman Oasis 440/5 we picked up from the Caravan Company at Finedon since early last year. We are shortly going to return it to them, …

We’ll all be taking tablets in 2011

Created on 24th September 2010

Pundits are predicting that Apple will sell 21 million iPads next year, which isn’t bad for a gadget that some people wrote off as a dud when it was first announced.

The …

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How to fix your Facebook Places settings

Published 22nd September 2010 Blog

Facebook’s Places feature is now active in the UK, which means anyone in your Friends list can not only see where you are at any particular moment, but also …

Dometic control panel

Dometic boosts warranty on new fridges

Published 21st September 2010 Doug'll fix it

As standard, caravan appliances get a meagre one year warranty but Dometic has decided to bump up the warranty on all fridges fitted to British caravans built …

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3D road illusion used to slow down traffic

Published 17th September 2010 Blog

There isn’t any single solution to make drivers stick to speed limits and it’s a particular problem in suburban areas, where road humps and other traffic-calming …

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Dell announces hybrid netbook / tablet PC

Published 15th September 2010 Blog

If you’re on the lookout for a new portable computer and can’t decide between a slender touch-screen gadget like the iPad and a more traditional laptop design, …

Altea 542

Are small family caravans out of fashion?

Published 14th September 2010 Blog

The Practical Caravan team spent a long summer visiting all the manufacturer's launch events and the Lawns Show last week, in order to compile our shortlists …

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Burglary ring targeted empty homes found on Facebook

Published 13th September 2010 Blog

We warned about the perils of sharing too much Facebook information with people you don’t know well just a few weeks ago. If you didn’t follow our advice and …

Burglary damage

Caravan burglary on the rise

Published 13th September 2010 Doug'll fix it

At the Lawns Show, I was talking to the National Caravan Council (NCC) and was told the number of caravans being stolen had dropped to below 1500 per year. …

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