Dog Friendly UK app

Find dog-friendly campsites with your iPhone

Published 17th August 2010 Blog

Caravanning can save a bit of holiday money if you take the family dog with you rather than pay for full board at the kennels, but not all campsites welcome …

New Kia Sportage

New Kia Sportage goes places others can't

Published 10th August 2010 Tow cars

Cranes don’t tend to feature much on your average new car launch. Lots of Powerpoint presentations, speeches and canapés, but there’s rarely much call for heavy …

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Kia makes light work of Sportage launch

Published 10th August 2010 Blog

Cranes don’t tend to feature much on your average new car launch, writes David Motton. Lots of PowerPoint presentations, speeches and canapés, but there’s rarely …

Welcome to Practical Caravan

Created on 4th August 2010

Dear All

Welcome to the long awaited new Practical Caravan website. This is our new home on the web and we hope you like what we've done with the …

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Happy New Year! 2011 is here already

Published 30th July 2010 Blog

The first week of July every year is the start of the 2011. At least in the caravan market.

This is when journalists, dealers and component suppliers …

Preparation is the key to relaxation

Created on 29th July 2010

Brenda and I have just returned from a press familiarisation trip to the Republic of Ireland and Ulster. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip but like all the press …

Has your motor mover damaged your tourer's tyres?

Is your mover damaging your tyres?

Published 29th July 2010 Doug'll fix it

Lately, I’ve been hearing stories about movers damaging the tyres on caravans. So far however, they’ve been anecdotal with the information is coming via third …

Brake burn out

Don't cook your caravan brakes!

Published 29th July 2010 Doug'll fix it

It’s surprising how many times we hear about caravan brakes being burnt out. Just recently we’ve come across two within a matter of days of each other. The …

Devil in the detail

Created on 21st July 2010

One feature in the new Bailey Unicorn that I love is the kill switch for the lights. The switch is fitted to the side of the bed base and when you are in bed, …

Exciting times for top-end buyers

Created on 21st July 2010

For the 2011 model year, every manufacturer is concentrating their efforts on the top end of their ranges. Elddis is making big changes to Crusader and Buccaneer. …

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