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Are small family caravans out of fashion?

Published 14th September 2010 Blog

The Practical Caravan team spent a long summer visiting all the manufacturer's launch events and the Lawns Show last week, in order to compile our shortlists …

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Burglary ring targeted empty homes found on Facebook

Published 13th September 2010 Blog

We warned about the perils of sharing too much Facebook information with people you don’t know well just a few weeks ago. If you didn’t follow our advice and …

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Caravan burglary on the rise

Published 13th September 2010 Doug'll fix it

At the Lawns Show, I was talking to the National Caravan Council (NCC) and was told the number of caravans being stolen had dropped to below 1500 per year. …

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Update your TomTom Car Kit for iPhone 4 - for free

Published 10th September 2010 Blog

If you stumped up £99.99 for the TomTom iPhone Car Kit earlier this year and are more than a little irked that it won’t fit your new iPhone 4, don’t despai …

Tracking systems are only as good as the owner

Created on 9th September 2010

I got a call the other day from Tim Booth, the UK's expert on caravan security matters.

He's a big fan on keeping caravans safe as you'd expect …

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New Sony ebook readers available later this month

Published 8th September 2010 Blog

Amazon launched its latest ebook reader, the Kindle 3, just a couple of weeks ago and now Sony has announced updates for its models. The Sony Reader Pocket …

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Ditch the guidebook — get augmented reality instead

Published 3rd September 2010 Blog

Computerised heads-up displays that tell someone (usually a murderous robot) more about what they’re looking at are a staple of science fiction films, but the …

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Bufalino - probably the smallest motorhome in the world

Published 1st September 2010 Blog

Last week’s piece on the Cricket Trailer showed one way to condense mobile accommodation into a very small space, but the Bufalino takes the idea to the absolute …

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Don't miss Winnebago Man —  BBC4 tonight at 10pm

Published 30th August 2010 Blog

There can’t be many must-see documentaries about a motorhome salesman, but Winnebago Man, showing on BBC4 tonight, is certainly one.

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The Solwise Rocket puts an end to campsite Wi-Fi woes

Published 27th August 2010 Blog

Wireless internet access is now available at 60 Caravan Club sites, and Wi-Fi is fast becoming a standard feature at other campsites, too. So, all you need …

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