If you’re looking to buy a new caravan, there are some fantastic models available for less than £30,000. We’ve used our decades of experience within the industry to select the best caravan under £30,000 for the Practical Caravan Awards 2022.

We also reveal the models that made the shortlist, as well as our recommendations for the other best caravans under £30,000 from recent years.

The winner of the best caravan under £30,000 is…

Swift Challenger X 860

Swift Challenger X 860, best caravan under £30000
  • Price: £29,595
  • MTPLM: 1660kg
  • MIRO: 1504kg

This 4-berth van is popular with families or couples who want the option of having friends and/or family to stay. We found the fixed bed to be a real winner and both front and rear doubles are 6ft 6in and 6ft 2in in length respectively.

The soft furnishings are smart and comfy with lots of fabric options and the central washroom  and kitchen are both well featured with plenty of high-quality equipment.

Space (the caravan is 8ft wide) and light are the keystones that make the Challenger X such a successful and popular range and the 860 comes with Alde heating, solar panel and a 10 year water ingress warranty – a truly solid performer.

On the shortlist for best caravan under £30,000 are…

Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Ancona

Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Ancona
  • Price: £26,599
  • Berths: 5
  • MIRO: 1435kg
  • MTPLM: 1600kg
  • Shipping length: 7.38m

The Ancona offers an old family layout, complete with L-shaped rear lounge and a large front lounge area. The kitchen is well equipped while the washroom opposite – thanks to the extra width – allows space for a separate shower cubicle.

Sprite Super Major 4SB

Sprite Super Major 4SB
  • Price: £23, 395
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1390kg
  • MTPLM: 1546kg
  • Shipping length: 7.54m

With a transverse bed and big end-washroom, the Super Major 4SB provides a generous amount of space and great storage. With a smart exterior and a modern interior, the super-value Sprite is well-equipped and makes a great tourer for couples.

Review: Sprite Super Major 4SB

Adria Adora Tiber

Adria Adora Tiber
  • Price: £28,585
  • Berths: 4
  • MIRO: 1610kg
  • MTPLM: 1800kg
  • Shipping length: 8.24m

Adria’s stunning Adora Tiber has a rear island bed, with a separate central loo and shower room. A large front lounge means four can relax in comfort. The caravan comes with Alde heating, so all year-round comfort is guaranteed.

Elddis Avante 868

  • Price: £26,499
  • Berths: 6
  • MIRO; 1545kg
  • MTPLM: 1724kg
  • Shipping length: 8.05m

This superb 6 berth comes with a fixed bed and bunks, along with space that’s hard to beat. The excellent specification includes the well proven Whale’s blown air and hot water system too. All in all, this model offers great value for its price tag.

We also recommend the following best caravans under £30,000 from recent years…

Elddis Affinity 520 2020

Elddis Affinity 520

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £22,794
• Berth 2
• MTPLM 1345kg
• Shipping length 6.68m
• Width 2.26m

This couples model offers plenty of space and a popular end washroom layout. The Affinity has new graphics for a fresher exterior and while the profile looks good, we think a facelift might be in order soon. The build quality can’t be faulted. Aluminium sides are used to good effect, as are full-height one-piece moulded front and rear panels. It’s on an Al-Ko chassis, with ATC and AKS hitch.

The offside central kitchen is well equipped. It has a full oven with a dual-fuel hob and a Dometic fridge/freezer, while the microwave is placed over the side dresser, at a sensible height.

The end washroom is large and the Alde heating is vented into the washroom, so there’s no radiator here. You get a circular shower cubicle and a Thetford electric-flush toilet. We’re glad to see a side window, as well as a roof vent for added ventilation and light.

The lounge is converted for night use. The twin single beds are 6′ 4″ long and easy to make up after a busy day, but if you prefer a double, that takes a little more effort. The excellent double bed is set up using slats, which works quite well, although we’d rather see slide-out seat bases. But the cushions do slip neatly into place for your mattress.

BUY IF…  you want a comfortable couples tourer

Spacious end washroom
Night lighting


No kitchen worktop extension flap

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Swift Challenger X 880 2020

Swift Challenger X 880

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

• Price £28,765
• Berth 4
• MTPLM 1642
• Shipping length 7.54m
• Width 2.45m

One of the longest running caravan ranges, Swift’s Challenger models have a proven track record. And the X 880, with its GRP sidewalls and transverse fixed bed is an excellent addition.

The Challenger X can be ordered with a Lux pack; this adds to the cost, but includes a barbecue point, exterior mains socket, alternative upholstery, ATC and alarm. Surprisingly, ATC isn’t standard fit in the Challenger X

The side kitchen offers a great spec, including an illuminated splashback with the Lux pack. Other kit includes an integral microwave above the kitchen area, 113-litre Series 10 Dometic fridge, and the latest Thetford oven, complete with dual-fuel hob.

The 880’s end-washroom is approached through a sliding door. It is provided with a side frosted window and roof vent (although there’s no vent in the shower cubicle) and a Thetford electric-flush toilet.

The front lounge doesn’t offer the option of two single beds – the seating is too short – but it does make up into a massive 2.25 x 1.59m double, using the slatted system, which pulls out from the central chest. The capacious bed makes up easily, but because this van is likely to be used by couples, the main attraction is that all-important fixed transverse bed.

BUY IF…  you want a stylish ‘van that is roomy for couples but has four berths


Great storage and large lounge
Well planned kitchen

ATC and BBQ are not standard fit

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Coachman Acadia 860 2019

Coachman Acadia 860

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £27,360
• Berth 5
• MTPLM 1870kg
• Shipping length 7.9m
• Width 2.44

Suited to couples and families, this smart-looking caravan has black-framed windows matching its sunroof and long blue, white and grey decals on the side. On its twin axles, the 860 was a perfect tow along urban roads and rural single carriageways. The ATC system is not fitted as standard, but we recommend it.

The 860 has an L-shaped lounge, and includes a side dinette opposite the kitchen. The nearside kitchen is well lit, with a dual-fuel four-burner hob, rectangular sink and reasonable workspace, and a separate Thetford oven and grill. Above, you get a microwave and two sizeable overhead lockers, each with some kind of crockery rack.

The salad-bowl-style handbasin sits in front of a large, lit mirror, with a smart tap, and a toothbrush mug next to it. The Alde radiator to the right is perfect for keeping towels warm and there is a huge shower.

The fixed corner bed is long and comfy. This whole area – the bed, washroom and wardrobe – can be partitioned off with a plastic concertina screen. Another double bed can be made up at the front by pulling out a platform from the settee, while a large single can be made by lowering the pedestal table in the side dinette. And, even when the front double is made up, there is still room on the settee for someone to sit down.

BUY IF…  you want high quality entry-level caravan that works for couples and families


Well equipped van
Luxurious corner washroom

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Coachman Acadia 470 2020

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £22,340
• Berth 3
• MTPLM 1343kg
• Shipping length 6.33m
• Width 2.26m

The Acadia range offers buyers a modern interior, with the level of quality that we’ve come to expect from Coachman. Here, we take a look at the Acadia 470 – a layout that was available only in the Pastiche.

The 470 first appeared a few years ago, and in its latest incarnation comes with an L-shaped front lounge – a great idea! It comes with Al-Ko chassis and AKS hitch, but ATC is an option. It looks smart, with a front moulded panel and super-sized sunroof.

The side kitchen is well designed, with lots of storage. e storage, with another overhead locker, two cupboards, a drawer and good worktop space. There is a full oven, dual-fuel hob and a large stainless steel sink with clip-on drainer. You also get a high-quality microwave, neatly fitted just above the work surface.

The Acadia’s excellent washroom has plenty of space and the shower cubicle is generous in size. You can sleep up to three, using the front lounge seating, and the side single dinette, which can be made up into a single bed. In the lounge, you could use the longer leg of the L-shaped seating as a single bed, but the main bed is a double.

BUY IF… you want a modern van with versatile layout and good spec


Great washroom
Plenty of storage


Hanging space loses out the fridge

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Elddis Avanté 454 2020

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £20,194
• Berth 2
• MTPLM 1310kg
• Shipping length 6.9m
• Width 2.26m

Elddis’s new layout for the Avanté 454, comprises a transverse fixed bed and L-shaped front lounge. The 454 will sleep four if needed, but is marketed as a serious tourer for couples and looks to be ideal for two. It’s built on an Al-Ko chassis and comes with AKS hitch plus spare wheel and ATC as standard.

The side-kitchen area comes complete with all the appliances you need. A microwave is fitted neatly just above the dual-fuel hob/oven and grill. A 100-litre Dometic fridge features along with a black enamel sink. The washroom, opposite the kitchen and complete with Thetford electric-flush loo, offers a relatively compact size. The spec includes a Halo shower head and moulded shower tray, and there’s a blown-air outlet in the side wall. A roof vent offers natural light and ventilation.

This is very much a two-berth caravan, but at a push the front L-shaped seating could be used as two single beds. Nevertheless, it’s the transverse fixed bed that’s the feature here. To make it longer for night use it can be pulled out a few extra inches, then pushed back again in the morning to enable full access around it.

BUY IF…  you’re looking for a spacious layout at a good price


Rear bedroom


Basic washroom

Read more in our Elddis Avanté 454 caravan review


Bailey Alicanto Grande Sintra 2020

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £28,499
• Berth 4
• MTPLM 1624kg
• Shipping length 7.38m
• Width 2.45m

With sparkling new additions, including the cabinetwork and upholstery, and the latest high-tech fridge, the Sintra has plenty to look out for. The range comes with Al-Ko’s ATC, an AKS stabiliser, shock absorbers and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The L-shaped kitchen has a standalone splashguard on the outer edge of the unit, which will help to protect the headrest nearby. But it does mean there’s no extension flap to a worktop that is not particularly generous. The hob is a four-burner dual-fuel model. Beneath is a Thetford Caprice Mk III separate oven and grill and above the hob is a Russell Hobbs microwave.

A sliding door separates the bedroom from the end washroom, which is spacious. It includes a five-sided handbasin, served by a domestic-style swan-neck tap and a bi-fold door gives access to the shower, equipped with an Ecocamel showerhead, chrome basket, light and rooflight.

The Sintra has a transverse island-bed, which can be pushed back during the day for more space to access the washroom. The settees up front will only work as single beds for anyone under 6ft. You can start putting the double together fairly easily by pulling out slats from the central chest.

BUY IF…  you’re after a spacious van with wow factor

Great washroom
Spacious lounge


Table is awkward to get at

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Lunar Quasar 696 T/A 2019

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £23,995
• Berth 6
• MTPLM 1680kg
• Shipping length 7.89m
• Width 2.44m

This is one big chunk of well equipped tourer for less than £24k, yet it’s also lightweight. It’s stable and well behaved on the road, too; sure, you need to be aware of its width, but it tows beautifully. It comes on an Al-Ko chassis with an AKS stabiliser hitch. There’s no ATC but we don’t see this as a major omission at this level.

The L-shaped lounge works a treat, it feels wide and that helps make the lounge a very comfortable spot to be. Rather than go for a conventional side kitchen, the designers have used the Quasar’s width to create an L-shaped space. This arrangement gives the user a good deal more worktop space as well as extra storage. A full oven is part of the spec, together with a dual-fuel hob and deep sink with clip-on drainer. Opposite is the separate fridge/freezer and the microwave.

The washroom in the 696 is amidships – you have to walk through it to get to the rear bedroom or to the front lounge. The shower cubicle has shelving to its left and the electric-flush loo on its right, while the hand basin is opposite. It’s quite a tight arrangement but perfectly usable.

The front lounge is easily made up into a double bed using the slide-out section, but it’s the kids that get all the fun with their two bunks at the rear. Each bunk has its own window plus wall-mounted storage pouch and LED reading light. Opposite, the dinette makes into a large single bed with a fold-up bunk above it.

BUY IF…  you want a well spec’d van for a large family


Brilliant L-shaped kitchen


No nearside window

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Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo 2020

Bailey Unicorn Black Edition Vigo

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

• Price £24,999
• Berth 4
• MTPLM 1499kg
• Shipping length 7.36m
• Width 2.28m

This luxury 4 berth caravan has a popular transverse island bed and rear-washroom layout. There are new decals down the side and back, and you get 14-inch alloys in graphite, for a sportier look. Shock absorbers, an AKS 3004 stabiliser and the ATC trailer control system are all fitted as standard.

In the kitchen, the now standard wooden hob cover adds to the generous workspace with an extension, with two mains sockets near at hand, and a round stainless-steel sink. There are three large drawers under the larger ‘L’ part of the kitchen unit, one including a cutlery tray. On the other side of the Thetford Caprice Mk III oven and grill is a shelved cupboard with a wine rack.

A huge lit mirror across the back of the washroom makes it feel much wider than it is. The shower on the nearside is reasonably large.

The end of the transverse island bed is comfortable and the double bed at the front is made up with slats, not platforms. Alternatively – and as long as you are no more than about 5ft 7in – you can just use the front settees as singles.

BUY IF…  you’re a couple or larger group looking for luxury in sporty styling


Good layout
Smart styling


Kitchen locker catch

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Compass Capiro 462

Compass Capiro 462

STAR RATING – 4.5 out of 5

• Price £21,494
• Berth 2
• MTPLM 1281kg
• Shipping length 6.3m
• Width 2.26m

The 462 is well-designed and comes with a good spec, which includes Alde heating. It also has a smart, spacious interior, and sits on an Al-Ko chassis, complete with AKS hitch stabiliser and ATC.

The cleverly designed kitchen has lot of storage and worktop space, and a great spec, with a full oven, dual-fuel hob and Dometic fridge. The well-planned washroom also has a freestanding handbasin and a large mirror with LED lighting.

The Capiro 462 follows the traditional format for sleeping arrangements, with the front lounge changing to the bedroom at night. The twin settees here are long enough to use as comfortable single beds, which can be quickly made up, but if you do prefer a double, that’s easy, too – just use the pull-out slats.

BUY IF… you’re looking for a good spec and an excellent washroom

Night lighting
Great washroom

Limited hanging space in wardrobe

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Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo 2000

Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo

STAR RATING – 4 out of 5

• Price £23,995
• Berth 4
• MTPLM 1750kg
• Shipping length 8.24m
• Width 2.45m

The silver sides, large sunroof and curved front end give the Adria a distinctive look. And, with tough polyester sides and an Al-Ko chassis, this is a well-built tourer. It has ABS front and rear lower moulded panels and an AKS hitch, which helps to keep the caravan more stable on the road, but ATC is not included.

The side kitchen includes a fitted microwave, Thetford oven and grill, and a smart light-up splashback. Opposite is the 140-litre Thetford slimline fridge. It also has a three-burner gas hob, and a generously sized sink.

The end washroom, which takes up the full width of the van, is next to the bedroom, making it in effect en-suite. The smart basin – a clear salad-bowl style – provides cupboard space below, plus shelving and a mirrored wall cupboard. The unlined shower has a roof vent.

The luxurious island bed is spacious for two; some fixed beds can be a bit narrow, but not the Isonzo’s, which feels very comfortable. And the double bed that you can set up in the lounge is almost as luxurious – it makes up easily with slide-out bases.

BUY IF…  you want a popular layout that’s spacious and comfortable with a good spec

Excellent layout
Spacious and comfortable


No dual fuel hob

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Note: Prices correct at time of original reviews

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