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TOPIC: Intolerance

Intolerance 14 years 1 month ago #768

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Having seen all the correspondence about 4x4s thought I would suggest what would get up some peoples 'noses' the most - I am surprised that there seem to be no criticism of the difference between people using single and twin axle caravans...An old caravan being pulled by a new 4x4. On site they have a television either end of the caravan and one in the large awning. They have a fully serviced pitch (i.e. water, waste and electric connection) on hard standing. They have four children aged, 6 months, 4 years, 11 years and 15 years. During the day they just sit outside their caravan drinking and socialising with some other caravanners. They have tried to involve the people on the next pitch but just get shunned. They visit the site bar every evening and participate in the entertainments every night. On the next pitch is a couple who are the complete antithesis of these people. They have a brand new caravan that is towed by a small band new car. They are not concerned that the caravan weighs far more than the car. They are not happy at being on this site but everywhere they wished to stay was full. Instead of the hard standing they would like to be on a grass pitch. The idea of fully serviced pitches abhors them. They only like for there to be a central water and disposal point. A TV will NEVER enter their caravan. Days are spent walking, but unfortunately, there are no good walks near this site. Evenings are spent with him reading a book, but not a novel, no his staple diet is well researched books about naval history. She always knits 'sensible' garments that family dread receiving each Xmas. They always keep themselves to themselves and consider their pitch their little castle. ..So there we have two sets of different people. Who is to say that one set is wrong?
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Intolerance 14 years 1 month ago #769

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Tell me which site it is please, so I can be sure to give it a miss. I don't like the sound of either
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Intolerance 14 years 1 month ago #770

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I wouldn't like to be in company of either
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Intolerance 14 years 1 month ago #771

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Surely neither is "wrong".The idea of a holiday is to relax doing what YOU want to do, not doing what you "think" other people expect you to do.

Some people like sitting around, drinking, attending the evening social events, some like to get away from all that and have a holiday away from TV, bars, etc and maybe actually LIKE walking.

We have dogs, but we dont expect everyone else to like them, and why should they, however, as long as they dont interfere with anyone elses holiday, I dont expect glares and loudly whispered comments about them or us.

We are all individuals, if we have partners, then normally we have similar interests, thats what makes this life so different and interesting.

Just imagine if everyone liked the same things,,,how very boring life would be.
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Intolerance 14 years 1 month ago #772

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So, Paul, which one is you?
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Intolerance 14 years 4 weeks ago #773

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Frankly, why bother about either. Just get on and enjoy your stay.
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