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TOPIC: Aquaroll - Heated?

Aquaroll - Heated? 3 months 1 week ago #450241

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If you use a fish tank heater to warm the water to about 18 - 20C then your shower should last longer as the cold water replacing the hot water will not drop the temperature of the hot water as much. You could always invest in an "Alde Flow Continuous Hot Water" system.
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Aquaroll - Heated? 3 months 1 week ago #450243

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The time when this would be really useful is on no-facillity no-EHU sites, so I think you should be looking at solar water heating solutions :) A panel of around 2 sq ft propped up against the aquaroll and connected top and bottom should work by gravity circulation and would easily preheat the water ..... as long as the sun shines!

Simple solar shower bags also work remarkably well .... and cost well under £10 :lol:
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Aquaroll - Heated? 3 months 1 week ago #450262

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I've never come across a heated water barrel, but it certainly could extend teh duration of a normal caravan shower, but the figures banded around so far don't seem to be fully thought through. In particular the suggestion of heating the barrel to 40C!

Just remember that most people shower at between 30 to 35C , which is well below the water heaters setting, and in practice you will normally need to be able to mix the heaters out put with some cold water to produce the required temperature. If teh water barrel is at 40C, then it would not bring the shower water down to a usable temperature.

The max power available in a caravan will limit the practical power of the element you could use in the barrel. The power rating does not set the temperature it only affects how quickly it would heat the quantity of water. The maximum temperature is affected by the insulation used, but also it would be wise to have some sort thermostatic control to prevent excess temperature, and of course for safety there should be a fusible thermal link to prevent runaway temperature if the thermostat fails.

You should also have some form of water level control so the elements cant run dry.

There is also the possible issue of having the raised water temperatures in teh barrel could make an ideal breeding ground for microbes such as Legionella. This should be avoided if at all possible, becasue especially Legionella is known to attack middle aged to older people sadly almost exactly the same demographic as many caravanners.

Happy caravanning :blink:
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