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Practical Caravan magazine welcomes a new editor to the team!

Practical Caravan is delighted to announce that Deanna Wroe has joined caravan land as Editor of Practical Caravan magazine - the UK's biggest, brightest and best caravan magazine!

She will be editing the magazine going forwards, with former editor Sarah Wakely remaining firmly on the team as Editor in Chief. 

A few words from Deanna herself:

"With 20 years' experience as a journalist and editor, three years' experience as a secondary school English teacher and nearly 10 years' experience as a mum (guess which was the hardest), I felt in need of working in an area that didn't really feel like work. Editing Practical Caravan has so far been an utter joy, and what a welcoming and helpful community this is.

I am grateful in particular to our amazing Editor-in-Chief, Sarah, who seems to have an indefatigable amount of knowledge and, crucially, patience. I am learning all the time, and looking forward to spending increasing amounts of time, both with the family and with colleagues, doing what we all love - caravanning."

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