Following a reshuffle by the Solvenian manufacturer, Adria’s Adora is now the top caravan range on offer in the UK.

The biggest change is that the Adria line up reduces from four ranges to two. The top-end Adiva has been consigned to history, as has the compact oddball Action. This leaves the Altea and Adora ranges taking the fight to the British-built products for 2011.

The Adora range carries over the layouts from 2010, meaning four fixed bed models. The smallest is the 542 DL. This offers twin single beds, a rear washroom and a U-shaped front lounge. This is a layout being picked up by many UK manufacturers for 2011 so it’ll be interesting to see how it fares.

The two middle-sized caravans are the 612 DT and 612 DP. The former is the well-liked fixed-bed six berth that has spawned a rash of imitators. The DP model is a large island bed with a centre washroom. The final floorplan is the enormous 642 UP. Uniquely, this gives a sociable L-shaped front lounge and a pair of fixed single beds that can be slid together to a make a huge island double bed.

Main changes are upholstery, a clever solid wheel cover to allow better draught-free nights in the awning and a host of detail improvements including ambient over-locker lighting.

Uniquely, the Adora boasts the Al-Ko Delta axle chassis. This is rarely seen in caravans built for the UK market but offers improved stability by altering the caravan’s centre of gravity.

A big plus point for Adria’s 2011 products is the use of the polyester wall technology. These high-gloss plastic walls are incredibly tough making 2011 Adria caravans far more resistant to dents, dings and scratches than aluminium bodied tourers.

Prices: TBC

Verdict: Look light on specification compared to UK rivals but if you like the layouts, they are definitely worth a look.