The first glimpse of the Auto Sleeper touring caravan line-up showed that these are very special tourers.

Company CEO Geoff Scott said at the launch that close liaison with suppliers and trust in the design team during the 18 month development program have resulted in a unique product range.

The launch range consists of three rear-washroom single-axle models. The smallest is the Grosvenor. This end-washroom two berth with parallel front beds is the lightest and cheapest route into an AS Caravan.

The other two models are the Mayfair and Kensington. The Mayfair is the only fixed bed model in the range, and is similar to other manufacturer’s nearside fixed bed rear washroom models. The main difference between it and other versions of this layout is the provision of a huge fridge-freezer at the foot of the bed and excellent storage on the offside.

The Kensington is a side-dinette four-berth, sporting the same spacious and clever washroom as the Grosvenor model.

All models pack a massive specification, crowned by the standard Al-Ko Mammut motor mover. Being a standard fit, the whole unit is very discreet, barely visible from the side of the caravan and has excellent ground clearance. Other Al-Ko equipment includes ATC, shock absorbers and a jockey wheel with an integrated noseweight gauge.  

Also as standard, buyers get the unique combination of Whale’s water and space heaters, combined with a sophisticated water pump system that electronically switches between the inboard tank and an external water supply. 

People who know Auto Sleepers motorhomes will be familiar with the construction method, which uses traditional sandwich construction sidewalls, with GRP front and rear panels and a GRP roof cap. The company is confident the construction method proven in the motorhome market will work equally well in the touring caravan market. 

The first models will be available to view on the Marquis Caravans dealer sites in early October and three floorplans on display at the NEC show. A fourth floorplan will appear by February.

Auto Sleepers has not released pricing for the new models and weights are only quoted for the Kensington model. At 1800Kg, it is a very heavy single axle caravan but we can’t wait to have a proper look.

Images of the AS Caravans range are embargoed until 18th September but we will try and bring you something sooner.

Verdict: Very exciting, high-specification caravans that genuinely offer something different. Set to be expensive and heavy, but undoubtedly impressive.