The top two ranges from Coachman are very similar in specification and appearance. The difference is that the VIPs are single axles and the Lasers have twin-axle.
In terms of layouts, the total number of floorplans is the same, but there is one more Laser and one less VIP. The VIP deleted is the 535/4 nearside fixed bed. The new Laser is a nearside fixed bed end washroom van.

One excellent innovation that Coachman has introduced is a pull-out bed base in the front lounges. It pulls out from the offside seat bench across to meet the nearside seat and do away with the need for slats running out from under the centre chest. It makes the front bed something that can be made up in under 20 seconds although its less important on fixed bed models.

In line with the rest of the Coachman ranges, the new bed, revamped centre chest and Pioneer CD player help improve the comfort. Outside, a lined wet locker with a mains socket, new awning light and shock absorbers are a standard fitting.

Improved sinks, shower cubicles and vinyl flooring under the loose carpets complete the picture. 

Prices are not yet confirmed.


The standard bearers for traditional appeal and top quality build. Practical updates for 2011 ensure these are on any serious buyer’s shopping list.